10 Facts about the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

cast of brooklyn nine nine standing on the red carpet

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has amassed a huge global fan base since it first appeared on our screens back in 2013, but how well do you know the cast?

1. Childhood friends

It’s a little known fact that two of the main cast go back… way back. Chelsea Peretti (Gina Linetti) and Andy Samberg (Jake Peralta) are pictured above on a road trip back when they were both in the 6th grade at the same Elementary School. Peretti also recently confessed of a crush she had on Samberg in their younger years during an interview with Conan O’Brien on TBS:

“We went to elementary school, I had a huge crush on Andy and he for some reason will never acknowledge this, when I bring it up he just dead-eyes me.”

2. Adam Sandler went to Andy Samberg’s wedding

When Samberg married his partner Joanna Newsome, he invited his friend and That’s My Boy co-star Adam Sandler. Sandler did turn up to the event, but did so as his character from the movie.

3. Terry Crews has a very interesting hobby

Terry Crews has been an icon both on TV and the big screen for decades, but while acting is his main profession, he also has a passion for art and design. He recently teamed up with Bernhardt design to concept and produce furniture, and it’s pretty impressive!

Actor, former NFL player, designer, flute player… is there anything this man can’t do?

4. Melissa Fumero is a professional dancer

Melissa Fumero came from a less screen based background than the rest of the cast, but she is a professional dancer. During high school she used to teach children Ballet, a contrast to here recent years rising to fame for her portrayal of Amy Santiago.

5. Stephanie Beatriz has a scar caused by a Lego brick

Yep, Rosa looks pretty badass with that eyebrow scar, however that isn’t part of the character, the scar was actually formed due to the actress tripping and falling onto a Lego brick as a child. Seems pretty fitting that she has since appeared in The Lego Movie 2 .

6. The entire cast had professional police training

To help get into character, the cast underwent professional training. This is why the precinct look so professional and convincing during chase and raid scenes.

Credit to NBC

In an interview with Flare, Andre Braugher explained “We want audiences to believe that we’re a bunch of goofball cops rather than comedians who decided to put on police uniforms.”

7. Many of the show’s moments are improvised

Credit to NBC

The cast is actually encouraged to improvise, many of the scenes are shot twice with the first being to script and the second being heavily improvised as explained by Andre Braugher in an interview for The Paley Center. Many of the improvised takes make it into the show being aptly named ‘Fun Runs’.

8. Chelsea Peretti was a writer for Parks and Recreation

Credit to NBC

Peretti actually helped write two episodes during season four of Parks and Recreation. The two shows have shown similarities in script style and joke delivery with fans of Parks and Recreation largely moving over to Brooklyn Nine-Nine following its conclusion after seven series in 2015.

9. Joe Lo Truglio was almost set on fire during filming

Credit to NBC

After filming a scene in series one, a piece of clothing proved more flammable than initially thought. Boyle was pictured setting the collar of an ugly jacket alight with the fire spreading quickly to the rest of the jacket, the scene was re-shot with the safer option of CGI.

10. Rosa was originally going to be called Meghan.

Credit to NBC

The script had written for the character to be called Meghan with a less hard and menacing persona. After Stephanie’s audition, the character was re-imagined to be the lovable savage we know and love.