Stranger Things Season 4 initial teaser released!

With the last season only airing two months ago, it would be pretty unexpected to hear anything of a new season so soon. However, a mysterious teaser has been released to the Stranger Things YouTube page and it’s safe to say fans are losing their minds!

Credit Netflix Stranger Things

The teaser is only 45 seconds long but fans are already speculating about what it could all mean. The words ‘Stranger Things 4’ are pictured in what appears to be the ‘Upside down’, but that’s not the most intriguing part…

Credit Netflix Stranger Things

Shortly after, the words “We’re not in Hawkins anymore” flash up on the screen which may just be an insight into what we can expect from the upcoming season. Fans believe this suggests that the main setting for the show will take place in the ‘Upside down’, as someone may be trapped there.

Credit Netflix Stranger Things

With so many questions from the last season, it comes as no surprise that we would be seeing more from show. However the brief video did not reveal a release date so we can only speculate for now.

What do you think it means?