5 Mistakes in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Mistakes
Credit: NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Eagle eyed fans rarely miss a hair out of place when watching their favourite shows, but with ones as quick paced as Brooklyn Nine-Nine there are bound to be some goofs. Yes, we know it is hard to believe, but this perfect show does in-fact have its imperfections. We have put a list together of some of the obvious and more subtle slip-ups for you to enjoy.

5. Jake CAN grow a mustache!?

Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It was mentioned multiple times by the man himself that Jake can’t grow a mustache, yet low and behold there it is in season five. However it can be said that it clearly divided fans with one Reddit user saying:

“I can’t believe that patchy beard is doing it for me, but it is”

However that was quickly contradicted with:

“That beard is patchier than second hand jeans”

Whatever your stance on the questionable facial hair, it’s safe to say they forgot that it wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place.

4. That’s not how you spell ‘Sergeant’

Credit NBC

This must have sent a grammar detective like Amy CRAZY, it is subtle but it features in a few shots on the season two episode ‘USPIS’. This is an understandable mistake but maybe they should have used spell check BEFORE making that huge poster.

3. Jake doesn’t know how to put a bulletproof vest on

Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

In the very last scenes of the pilot, we see a slow motion edit of Amy, Holt and Jake putting on SWAT vests, however Jake clearly has his head through the arm hole which has been corrected by the next scene. This may have been a reflection of the character and simply done for comedic effect but it does appear accidental! you Would have thought Detective right-all-the-time would know a thing or two about how clothes work.

2. Is it Joe or Charles?

Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Rule number one of acting must be to remember NOT to use the actor’s real names, however In Season 5 Episode 19 (Bachelor/ette party), Terry can be heard shouting “Joe, let us get in the Limo, please!” which is also confirmed by the subtitles. It is easy to miss and was a clear oversight whilst filming, but come on, Joe isn’t even close to close to Charles!

1. What does Holt have against TVs?

Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

In Season one Episode six (The Party) Amy goes upstairs to see what Kevin and Holt watch while they’re in bed, however in Season two Episode 12 (Beach House) Captain Holt tells the squad he has never had a TV in his bedroom, so which is it? We know Holt can be a mysterious character but lying about not having a TV seems a little unnecessary.

Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Compared to many other shows, Brooklyn Nine-Nine doesn’t have many mistakes in its seven seasons. In fact, the writers have been praised for their attention to detail. For example, many shots inside Holt’s office show the Captain’s colourful binders have been arranged to represent the LGBT flag which many eagle eyed viewers had already spotted.

How many from this list did you already know? Or have you spotted some goofs that we missed?