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Has David Harbour leaked what’s to come for Hopper?

We were left with SO many questions at the end of Season 3. And of course, we were devastated to see that Hopper appeared to have left us. But is all that it seems? Well, David Harbour may have let slip the fate of Hopper in Season 4. Read on for what the actor revealed, with more information about what the new season could be bringing us…

Many tears were shed at what seemed to be Hopper’s last moments on Earth. But recently, David Harbour appeared on Saturday Night Live, where he seemed to drop a humungous hint about what Season 4 could hold for the character.

On the sketch show, they head into a version of the Upside Down, where the stand-up comedians play different roles, mocking Stranger Things. One comedian asks Harbour ‘Didn’t you like die in here at the end of the show? Are you dead?’ Now many people have created theories of their own, with some saying that Hopper was actually taken into the Upside Down. And it looks like David himself confirms this on his television appearance, as he replies ‘No, I mean I don’t, I’m not exactly authorised to… Just watch the show and you’ll find out next season’. Could this mean that Hopper will be in Season 4? Can we all breathe a sigh of relief?

We can imagine the creators or the show were screaming at their screens when they saw David reveal what we think could be information about the new season, or are they double bluffing us?!

We have also seen a teaser trailer of the new season (which quite frankly told us nothing about what’s to come) but reports suggest that Season 4 will be made up of eight episodes. There are also rumours that Season 4 will begin shooting in January to August, which means we aren’t likely to have the new season on Netflix until a year’s time. This has caused many to speculate that Stranger Things will be based in Winter this time around, as Season 3 was based in the summertime. Exciting stuff to come, and we really do hope Hopper is back for the next season. We’ll be lost without him!

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