The Office Interesting Facts

The main cast stood in a V formation looking into the camera with The Office text in the bottom right
Credit: NBC, The Office

Everybody’s watching The Office. It’s now become so ingrained in pop culture and is the most-watched series on Netflix announced at WSJ Tech Live in October of 2019. So, with so many people enjoying watching the North West region paper company, we’ve gathered some interesting facts that you might not know already.

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Michael smiling into the camera with Pam behind her desk

Rainn Wilson released a book titled “The Bassoon King”, in it he speaks briefly on when filming The Office they had to leave heating to a chilly 64 degrees Fahrenheit because any higher would activate Steve Carell’s sweat glands and could ruin the shot.

Jim and Pam kissing at the end of the Casino Night episode

John Krasinski plays Jim Halpert. Early on in the show Jim and Pam have a kiss in the episode called “Casino Night”. Krasinski admits in an interview that that kiss was his first on-screen kiss.

“My first on-screen kiss was with Jenna Fischer in ‘Casino Night’ when I say I love her,” he recalled. “It’s a pretty big moment to have been your first on-screen kiss and it’s not one that we really wanted to screw up. I don’t think I told her it was my first on-screen kiss,” he added. In fact, Fischer asked him if it was, and he denied it.

Andy plugging in his iPod into his computer

Early on in the series, the cast had to use their computers for b-roll shots, to make it look more real. Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey tell us that early on in the series, the computers didn’t have internet, most of them didn’t even work properly.

Jim on a talking head wearing a wig in season 3

In 2006, John Krasinski was in the middle of filming the movie “Leatherheads” and for it, Krasinski had to shave his head and in so doing, had to wear a wig in season 3 of The Office. Did you notice?

Building from the opening shot of the intro

Another Krasinski fact. John Krasinski shot some parts of The Office intro of Scranton, Pennsylvania on a research trip, which was used in the opening credits.

Seth Rogen auditioning for The Office role

When you think of Rainn Wilson, you think of Dwight Schrute. It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the black belt karate master but one audition tape shows Seth Rogen auditioning for Dwight Schrute.

Michael meeting Carol wearing a bath robe

In Season 3 Michael gets a new girlfriend, Carol. However, Carol in the show is called Nancy Carrell, that’s right and she’s not Steve Carrell’s sister. The two are married in real life.

Jim proposing to Pam in the rain

Remember when Jim finally proposed to Pam? Jenna Fischer reveals that she kept the ring that Jim gave to Pam.

“While true that I kept the engagement ring Jim gave to Pam, it was a silver prop ring, not worth $5,000,” she explained on Twitter, “and I do not wear it in real life.”

The whole office cast sat in the conference room

It was a sad moment when we found out Michael Scott was leaving Dunder Mifflin, and Steve Carrell leaving the show. Imagine what it was like in the scene when everyone gathers in the conference room after his last Dundies and sings to him. Even better, he didn’t even know it was going to happen!

Jim and Pam arm in arm looking happy

In season 5, episode 1 called “Weight Loss” Jim goes to visit Pam while she’s in art school, they trick the camera operator into keeping them outside of her dorm room and you can hear an audible sigh just as pam closes the door on them.

A book with the title, "Somehow I manage"

In the ‘Office Ladies’ podcast, Jenna Fischer admits that she ‘accidentally’ stole the show bible from show producer and writer, Greg Daniels. The show bible has everything you need to know about the character, events, locations etc. She tells us that she still has it at home and that she should probably give it back.

Michael sat at his desk with a fish bowl on it

When Michael leaves Dunder Mifflin to create his own paper company, The Michael Scott Paper Co. his executive desk has a fishbowl on it, even though it can be seen, through subsequent episodes that it’s the same fish every time. The first fish is a goldfish, then in episode 2 the fish is a calico and finally episode 3 it becomes a blackfish. Why?

Jim, Pam and Michael in Poor Richard's Bar

The office workers favourite bar, Poor Richard’s is an actual bar in Scranton. It’s inside a bowling alley and is known as the South Side Lanes Bar by the locals.