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Some of the WORST Netflix Original Films Yet!

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Netflix doesn’t always hit the nail on the head. The streaming platform seemed to heavily promote the following movies, which gave the impression that they could actually be good. But many received negative reviews and was not what many viewers expected. So here’s a list of some of the wear Netflix Original films that did not hit the spot. 

Secret Obsession

IMDb Rating – 4.3/10

This film isn’t very old but it already has displeased many viewers. Secret Obsession follows Jennifer (played by Brenda song) who is attacked one night. When she recovers, she can’t remember anything from before the attack, but her husband is thankful and takes her home. Jennifer is unaware that her husband is actually her secret stalker, and she is now living with him, believing that he is her husband. This movie has great potential – although a typical plotline, it could have had some great thriller moments. But instead, you spend the whole time wondering why some people are so stupid and plan out your plot to escape better than Jennifer (numerous times may we add). So many people were excited about Secret Obsession, yet somehow it did not meet anyone’s expectations.

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The Open House

IMDb Rating – 3.2/10

Horrors are very hard to get right. And of course, it also depends on what kind of scares people enjoy. The Open House just doesn’t seem to hit any mark whatsoever and is quite frankly boring. The story follows a teenager and his mother, as they move to a new house after a tragedy, only to be met by mysterious events. The family knows something just isn’t right, and they are met with paranormal threats. This film struggles to keep your interest, and in comparison to other horror movies, the scares are pretty poor. Not worth your time. 

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IMDb Rating – 5.8/10

This film requires your undivided attention, as Extinction has quite a confusing plotline, meaning no looking at your phone! A man keeps dreaming of loss, but what he doesn’t realise is that his dreams aren’t just dreams, but premonitions, and the planet starts to be attacked. The family has to understand who is invading them in an attempt to survive. Again, this is another film that had massive potential. Extinction looked to be as exciting as Independent Day, but sadly it didn’t live up to any expectations. The film is interesting but just isn’t interesting enough to recommend. 

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The Last Summer

IMDb Rating – 5.5/10

It seemed Netflix caught on to the success of their recent teenage rom-coms, including The Kissing Booth and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, but The Last Summer massively missed the mark this time. The film, unlike many successful plotlines, follows a number of teenagers whose lives intertwine in one way or another. The teenagers are graduating from high school and wondering what’s next for them. There are some plot twists between the relationships they make, both romantic and platonic, but the story seems a bit lackluster. The Last Summer doesn’t’ hook you in, and you will most probably find yourself not rooting for any of the relationships. It could have been better Netflix…

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How it Ends

IMDb Rating – 5.0/10

Another apocalyptic style film from Netflix, and yet they still can’t seem to get it right. How it Ends follows a man trying to get home to his pregnant fiancée after a mysterious event hits the country and everything turns into complete and utter chaos. Forest Whittaker stars in this film, but even he couldn’t save it. The movie attempts to be a sci-fi blockbuster, with extraordinary weather, no power and a lack of understanding as to why the event has happened. But all the film manages to do is build up suspense, only to be let down. Instead of an action-packed 2 hours, we instead receive a road trip with lots of bad things happening around them. Is it climate-related or an alien attack? The film leaves you with more questions than answers, and the title of the film should, in fact, be ‘We don’t know how it ends’. 

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Here’s a good apocalypse film if you’re looking to get the bad taste out of the worst Netflix original films out of your eyes. Check it out!

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