This Controversial Halloween Scene From ‘The Office’ US Was Cut

Two men with a pack of blood and dressed up like vampires
Credit: NBC, The Office

We all know how funny and cringy The Office can be and sometimes the cold opens are sometimes the funniest and cringy-est parts of the show. In season 6, you might notice one cold open isn’t present.

In it, the Dunder Mifflin staff celebrate Halloween by decorating the warehouse as a haunted house, with the scary gangster pumpkin pushing kids around in the pallet truck of dooooooom.

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Kids in the warehouse of The Office on the Pallet Truck of Doom

So far so good, you’ve got the quirky setting of the warehouse being turned into a haunted house and the casual racism from Michael. Everything you need for a classic cold open. It’s only until the end of the scene when it becomes controversial. Michael tried to teach the kids a valuable life lesson about suicide. “It’s never the answer.”

To see for yourself you can watch the cold open below.

The cold open first appeared in season six at the start of the ‘Koi pond’ episode in 2009 and was quickly removed from any future reruns and on-demand services after a lot of complaints from viewers who watched it live. With the series moving over to NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, it’s unclear whether they will add the scene back in.

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