A List of Every Office Christmas Episode

Credit: NBC The Office

Christmas is only a few days away so there just enough time to binge-watch The Office! But where do you start? Here’s our handy list of every holiday episode.

Christmas Party – SEASON 2, EPISODE 10

Credit: NBC / The Office

The office holds a Secret Santa at their Christmas party. Jim got Pam and puts a great deal of effort into her gift (a teapot filled with some items and a personal letter from him to her). Michael then buys a $400 video iPod as his gift to Ryan, and then insists on turning the exchange into a “Yankee Swap”.

A Benihana Christmas – SEASON 3, EPISODE 10

Credit: NBC / The Office

Christmas at the office leads to depression for Michael when Carol breaks up with him after he photoshops his face onto a family photo. Michael, Andy, Dwight, and Jim then go to a local Benihana restaurant to cheer him up where Michael and Andy find dates with two of the restaurant’s waitresses.

Moroccan Christmas – SEASON 5, EPISODE 11

Credit: NBC / The Office

Phyllis throws a Moroccan-themed Christmas party as the new head of the Party Planning Committee. The party takes a turn when Meredith gets drunk and accidentally sets herself on fire. Meanwhile, Dwight is making money re-selling the latest toy craze, called the Princess Unicorn doll.

Secret Santa – SEASON 6, EPISODE 13

Credit: NBC / The Office

The office throws a yet another Christmas party, and Michael is upset when Jim allows Phyllis to be Santa since he’s always been Santa. Andy’s secret Santa gift to Erin – the 12 Days of Christmas, featuring live birds – does not go as well as planned.

Classy Christmas – SEASON 7, EPISODE 11

Credit: NBC / The Office

Michael is overjoyed about the return of his love, Holly. So he forces Pam to plan a new Christmas party for Holly’s return that is much classier. Meanwhile, Darryl convinces his daughter to attend the party in hopes of meeting Santa. 

Christmas Wishes – SEASON 8, EPISODE 10

Credit: NBC / The Office

 The first Christmas without Michael and Andy attempt to “make everyone’s Christmas wishes come true”. Meanwhile, Dwight and Jim are entangled in a prank war in which each tries to frame the other.

Dwight Christmas – SEASON 9, EPISODE 09

Credit: NBC / The Office

In the final Christmas episode, Dwight gets everyone to celebrate with a traditional Schrute Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas. Darryl fears that Jim has forgotten to include him in the new job in Philadelphia and Pete teaches Erin about his favourite Holiday movie, Die Hard.

Now you have them all it’s time to go and watch! Get the popcorn out, take place on the sofa and we’ll see you in a few hours!

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