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New ‘No Time To Die’, James Bond Trailer Is Out Now!

Daniel Craig playing James Bond on a poster with Not time to die and trailer out now at the bottom
Credit: Eon Productions No Time To Die

After the teaser that was released earlier this week, and as promised, the new ‘No Time To Die’ James Bond trailer is out!

Daniel Craig returns as the MI6 gentleman spy in his sixth appearance playing James Bond. Every new James Bond movie the cocktail shaking assassin gets more grounded with his gadgets and trinkets, with the action getting darker and more adult. Gone are the days of Ski pole guns or cigarette darts. Or so you think, as in the teaser trailer alone, we see the classic Bond favourite, the Aston Martin, modified to have, what looks to be miniguns coming out of the headlights. Classic James Bond.

New Trailer Below!

Credit EON productions

Now, this James Bond trailer for the movie titled ‘No Time To Die’ shows Lashana Lynch who plays a character called Nomi, from the trailer we find out that she served two years as an MI6 spy, also known as a ’00’ (Double O), they seem to be on the same side but with a hint of hostility from Nomi, ready to strike if he puts one foot wrong. We also see those headlight miniguns in action, obviously Bond is doing doughnuts surrounded by enemies firing those headlight miniguns, it wouldn’t be James Bond without a shot like it. ‘No Time To Die’ will be out in 2020.

‘No Time To Die’ started production in 2018 at Pinewood Studios, but after the departure of director, Danny Boyle and picked up again in April 2019. Later that year production continued in the United Kingdom, where scenes of Craig, Ralph Fiennes (who plays M), Naomie Harris (playing Eve Moneypenny) and Rory Kinnear (who plays Bill Tanner) took place.

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Fans of the famous Bond cars will be happy with Aston Martin bringing some big guns to the show with the car manufacturer confirming that the DB5 and Valhalla models of the car would be featured in the movie.

An aston martin Valhalla in a show room with all the lights on it.

‘No Time To Die’ looks to be an attractive movie too with it set in some of the most beautiful countries in the world. Recent James Bond films have always had some amazing backdrops and with the production being set in places like Italy, Jamaica, Norway and London. Like this landscape shot from Skyfall of James Bond standing next to his Goldfinger Aston Martin with a foggy, lush as anything, green valley in front of him.

James Bond stood infron of a grassy valley next to his car

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