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Someone has made Brooklyn Nine-Nine Funko Pops

Brooklyn Nine Nine Funko pop figures
Credit: Netflix, Brooklyn Nine-Nine & El Duderino Customs

Some of our favorite TV show and movie characters have been made mini in the form of Funko Pops. But sadly Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not one of them. Until now.

Credit: El Duderino Customs & Ema Customs UK

El Duderino Customs based in Manchester in the UK is a master of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Funko Pops. He’s created hundreds of custom made Funko Pops over the past few years including characters like Villanelle from Killing Eve, Buffy and Tails from Sonic The Hedgehog!

Credit: El Duderino Customs

But his finest work is the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Funko Pops. The official Funko Pops of B99 are yet to be announced and so Liam at El Duderino Customs has been hard at work.

Credit: El Duderino Customs

His most popular so far has been Jake and Boyle, you can see why! They’re amazing. If you are looking to get one yourself you can message him via his Facebook page.

But how does he create them? The answer is; with a lot of time. By chopping up other pops with similar features he glues them back together to create a mish-mash of pops that look like a person or character! He then re-paints them and models extra parts from clay like Boyles pizza slice.

As well as the pop itself you can have a box made for the character or person!

Credit: El Duderino Customs

But it doesn’t stop there! He even created himself and his wife to use as their cake toppers when they got married! So maybe you want a friend or family member made into a pop – Well you can, check out this one he did of one of our staff members

Credit: El Duderino Customs

This year saw the launch of The Office Funko Pops, the launch was so successful they sold out on Amazon on the first day! So when will we see official B99 Pops?! The answer is unknown. But until then I’m going ordering a set from this guy!