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The Black Widow Trailer Is Out And Its Kickass

Marvel Studios, Black Widow trailer out now!
Credit: Marvel Black Widow

The Black Widow trailer is out and it looks kickass. Scarlett Johanssen returns as the Marvel Universe Femme-Spy, Black Widow and she’s back in style.

First hearing about the swath of new Marvel films announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Black Widow came out as one of the greats. With the classic character of Black Widow, it promises to bring grounded action and character development as you’ve never seen from Black Widow before.

Black Widow as a character in the MCU has always been a mysterious and dark character, first appearing in Iron Man 2 as an assistant turn undercover spy, Johanssen has played the character very well, in a world of flying robots and electric gods, she manages to keep a human side to the superhero group. At the same time managing to dissect the baddest of baddies.

In this Black Widow trailer, we also see some humour, from stars you wouldn’t have thought to see in this universe. Watch the video above to see someone from the Stranger Things cast.

Marvel Studios, Black Widow

Releasing in May 2020 you’re sure to see this movie in theatres and maybe on Disney+, if not straight away, at some point int he following months. Another reason to get on the Disney+ bandwaggon and watch all your favourite Marvel movies and shows.

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