The Witcher Season Two Filming Date Confirmed

The Witcher poster with a man with sword on his back looking over a cliff our to the ocean
Credit: Netflix, The Witcher

It’s only been on Netflix for three days but the dark fantasy series already has a date set for the filming of its second instalment.

Like many long running shows, the first series is usually about setting the scene and characters with a taste of what’s come. The Witcher has been no exception, leaving fans desperate for more after the first eight episodes and we could be seeing the second season very soon, as filming is scheduled for February 17th 2020.

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and Henry Cavill Credit Los Angeles Times

Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich talked to Digital Spy about the show, describing season 1 as the “Building blocks” to ease the viewer into the world.

Schmidt Hissrich went on to explain how the second season would would start to bring characters together to meet for the first time. Judging by what we have seen so far, this is a recipe for some well choreographed fight scenes that we have already been teased with so far.

Credit Netflix The Witcher

In some ways, the show appears to have split fans with some describing it as slow paced and boring whilst others praise it high enough to be described as the next Game of Thrones. Then there are the fans that are still fantasising about Geralt sat in a bath tub:

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