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Why Steve Carell’s The Office Character Michael Scott Changes So Much In Season 2

Michael Scott in the office surrounded by Dwight, Kevin adn the rest of the employees
Credit: NBC The Office

Anyone who’s watched The Office will remember that amazing transformation Michael Scott goes through between Season 1 and Season 2. He seems to change quite a bit in his appearance, most notaeably is his hair. The thinning at the front gets a lot thicker in Season 2. Now, thanks to Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, we now know why Scott changed so much.

Season 1 Michael Scott on the left and Season 2 Michael Scott on the right.
Credit NBC The Office

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As mentioned before, Angela Kinsey who plays Angela Martin and Jenna Fischer who plays Pam Beesley in The Office revealed where the transformation came from on their podcast called Office Ladies. In the podcast, the pair go through each episode in the series starting off with Season 1 Episode 1, giving some valuable insights on the filming, writing, acting or any other little bits of unknown nuggets of knowledge that only two people who were actually there would know, and this time they let us into why Michael Scott changed so much in Season 2.

“The summer that he was going to film The 40-Year-Old Virgin, he got in crazy amazing shape, and then he’s maintained that,” said Kinsey. “He’s very fit now, he sort of like, made that part of his life. They just gave him a whole new look. They zhuzhed him up.”

After returning from the shoot in 2005, Fischer said that the producers of The Office decided to take his character in a new direction.

“Originally, his character was based on the British show and the boss there, so they really mirrored his look after David Brent,” said Fischer. “And when Steve came back so much thinner and just looking amazing, they used it as an excuse. He just looked healthy, he looked great.”

The characters of The Office all sat in a room, some sat on stacks of paper
Credit NBC The Office

“Also, the first season I know they put this gel in his hair,” Kinsey said. “They slicked it back to look like David Brent, and then after that, they were like ‘Okay, let’s style his hair different.’ “

After the show got picked up for a second season, Fischer explained that the producers felt comfortable with making the changes to Michael, to make the character unique and their own.

“I think they felt like when they got the pickup for season 2, they could really make this for Steve,” she said. “They could really base it more on what Steve was going to bring to the character.”

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