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Films On Netflix GUARANTEED To Make You Cry.

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Sometimes we all need a good cry. And with everything going on in the world, a film can sometimes put things into perspective. Some are based on true stories, some are purely fictional – but all can be extremely relatable and help us appreciate the life we have and to cherish every one around us. So here are just some of the films you should watch if you need to have a good cry while helping you realize there is always someone out there suffering…

Five Feet Apart

Stella and Will meet in hospital, as they are both suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. Both teenagers couldn’t be more different if they tried – Stella is full of routines and boundaries, whereas Will lives a reckless, carefree life. There is an instant attraction, but their disease prevents them from touching each other, meaning they always have to have a safe distance between them. But their connection and temptation prevent them from being safe all their time, showing love always wins. But don’t be fooled, these films never have a happy ending, and this ending is truly heartbreaking. There are at least 3 moments in the film where you will ball your eyes out, so be careful.

P.S. I Love You

A heartbreaking story of a woman, Holly, who marries the love of her life, the funny and amazing Irishman, Gerry (played by Gerard Butler). Gerry sadly passes away, leaving Holly’s life spiraling out of control. The only person she wants is Gerry, but it seems he knows her all too well, as before he dies he leaves her a series of letters which should hopefully help her grief. As weeks go by, letters are delivered from Gerry in surprising ways, forcing Holly to go out and live her life. This film really reminds us that someone can be taken from us in seconds, but the memories we have will live on forever. The tears won’t stop while watching this, so if you can’t hack the waterworks, then this will be a hard one to watch.

Miss You Already

A film based on true friendship and the terrible events that life can throw at us. Milly and Jess have been best friends forever, sharing every life event together. But as well all know too well, adulthood is so much harder then any of us expect. Jess struggles to have a baby, while Milly is diagnosed with breast cancer. Miss You Already makes you appreciate the friendships in your life, as friends can help you with anything. Another tearjerker – tissues are a necessity.

The Impossible

We all know the tragedy that occurred on Boxing Day in 2004, but this film truly captures the horror and torture that thousands and families had to endure. A regular family visits Thailand at Christmas time, and after settling in, they begin to enjoy what the resort has to offer. But as we all know, paradise turned into a fight for thousands to save themselves. This tragic story has you feeling hopeful throughout, but really rips your heart out at the same time. And the brothers reuniting with take your breath away.

The Fault In Our Stars

Based on John Green’s novel, The Fault In Our Stars follows two teenage cancer patients who fall in love while meeting at a support group. They decide to enjoy every minute together, as their love takes them on a journey, but life can be incredibly cruel and ends their romance before it even gets the chance to fully flourish. The ending will well and truly break you, so be warned.

The Pursuit Of Happyness

The film based on a true story, that also made us fall in love with Will and Jaden Smith. A man loses his wife and apartment as he fights to make money to make a better life for himself and his son. They are forced to live on the streets, but Christopher Gardner still needs to make ends meet. Watching this film makes you feel really lucky to have a job and a roof over your head. This film will make you cry like you won’t believe – and feel thankful for the life you have.

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