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Has Netflix Somehow Managed To Make Sociopaths Attractive?!

Joe Goldberg from You with a tweet
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It seems that Netflix’s obsession with sociopaths has started to spread. There’s been a lot of talk recently about how Netflix shows and movies seem to have a certain appeal – they somehow make us fall in love with complete and utter maniacs. Most recently it has been said that Penn Badgley’s character in You has caused some controversy. Many women have announced that they actually find Joe Goldberg attractive (even if he is a sociopathic murderer). But how does Netflix seem to change our opinions on people we should actually hate?

What is it about Joe Goldberg that we seem to love?

Of course, these people aren’t real. Yet some of Netflix original characters have a different appeal, even though they have traits we should avoid at all costs. There have been a number of fictional characters that Netflix has introduced to us that we now consider some of our favorites. As mentioned before, Joe Goldberg has been the main focus of people wondering why they suddenly feel attractive to psychopathic ways. In You, we follow Joe as he causes mayhem around him. Stalking girlfriends, killing enemies, all while living a double life where nobody really suspects a thing. But many people, women especially, have noticed their feelings towards this character. A number of fans have tweeted how they admire Joe (yes we know, very bizarre) with some even making comments like ‘kidnap me please’. But why is this the case? 

Penn Badgley
Credit: Netflix

Research has found that crime stories hold a specific appeal for women, as there is some sort of fascination with the story. But this fascination can soon lead to sexual attraction. Also known as hybristophilia, people can go as far as being sexually aroused by unacceptable behavior. In many circumstances, Netflix uses extremely attractive men and women to play the parts of people we should despise. But a lot of the time, it isn’t the aesthetics that draws people to find psychopathic characters attractive. But instead, their aggressiveness, and deceitfulness. 

Rio from Good Girls
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This can all be explained by the saying ‘women do love a bad boy’. And it seems Netflix proves that to be true. A new scientific study has found that women are more attracted to men who display psychopathic traits. So all of you who may have been confused about how Joe Goldberg turns you on, that is why. 

There are more Netflix characters that we seem to love…

Joe Goldberg isn’t the only fictional Netflix character that hasn’t floated many of boats. Good Girls star Rio (played by Manny Montana) is another character that many have said they are extremely attracted to. We see Rio play dirty, as he doesn’t care who he needs to manipulate in order to get what he wants. But Good Girls viewers have said that this is something they actually find highly attractive! Another character the world has wrongly fell in love with is Eric Bana’s take on Dirty John. Based on real events, Dirty John follows a woman’s romance with her new handsome boyfriend, but it seems he is psychologically manipulating her. The series sees Bana’s character play sinister games. Yet somehow, a plethora of women has suggested that they actually think he has extremely attractive qualities!

Eric Bana
Credit: Netflix

And it’s not just male representations…

And it’s not just the depiction of sociopathic men that Netflix manages to make us fall in love with. The streaming service has also made us find connections with crazy women as well. In the latest season of You, it seemed Goldberg met his match, as Love also has a dark past. Many people have commented that they prefer Love to Beck. Lots of people believe she has been the best addition to the show despite her previous crimes, with many suggesting that this is extremely enchanting. It’s not just Netflix series that have us all hooked on these characters – yes, certain films also bring us a number of loopy characters that loads of people deem as enticing. Bella Thorne’s character in You Get Me has been said to excite many folks, as a dangerous obsession unfolds stemming from a one-night stand. To many people, this would be their worst nightmare, but some have said that Thorne’s character is ‘sexy’.

Bella Throne
Credit: Netflix

So it seems that somehow Netflix has made us all obsessed with sociopaths, psychopaths – you name it. We don’t understand how they have managed it, but we already can’t wait to see what’s next for our new favorite deranged characters.

We’ve heard the book You includes more details about Goldberg’s murderous abilities, so check it out if you have fallen in love with him already.  

We’re also excited that there is going to be a season 3…