Sex Education Season 2 Trailer Has Dropped

Sex Education Cast
Credit: Netflix Sex Education

Netflix has just released the trailer for the second instalment for the awkward teen comedy and it looks hilarious!

Credit Netflix Sex Education

The trailer shows Otis’s mother on stage at school announcing that she is there to have an open conversation about sex… mortifying to say the least!

In later scenes, we see students approach Otis talking about their “issues” however he seems pretty adamant that the therapy clinic we saw set up in the first season is finished – a likely story.

Credit Netflix Sex Education

The show has received massive praise for bringing intimate issues to the foreground of the story line, the first season got 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and was the seventh most streamed show of 2019. You can read who else made this list here.

According to The Tab, it’s been revealed that Eric also gets involved with the clinic, judging by the trailer he also gets himself VERY involved with a French exchange student.

Meanwhile Maeve has had a change of style and threatens to expose the school for cheating in exams if she isn’t let back in, pretty badass.

The new series drops on January 17th, you can keep up with the discussions on our Facebook group.