The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Cast Recap

the chilling adventures of sabrina cast

It’s time for us to step back into Greendale and go on an adventure with Sabrina because the new season is OUT NOW!

But if you have a terrible memory you might need a recap – So why not get one from the cast themselves!

In short, here’s what happened in Part 2. Sabrina started dating Nick (who was undercover and working for her dad, the Dark Lord), she went on to attack a gang of witch hunters, and then to top things off she almost became the daughter-bride of Satan. But now, things are about to get a whole lot darker: she’s heading to hell.

Who’s ready to watch Season 3? We are! After watching the trailer it looks like Sabrina will still have to juggle life between two worlds in this newest season, who knows what might happen. Also good news the filming of season three has been shot back to back with season four! Meaning we’ll have another helping of the show sooner than we think.

Sabrina Part 3
Credit: Netflix

In other news; Earlier this week Netflix partnered with NYX to create a new line of beauty products to celebrate the launch of the new season and we are SO into it. So now we can all dress and look like Sabrina while watching season 3! WE ARE SO EXCITED.