The Craziest F.R.I.E.N.D.S Fan Theories Ever!

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The show may have ended over 15 years ago, but it still doesn’t stop the whole world talking about this sitcom! In fact, many have created theories about what the show is actually about. Some have also suggested what goes on without being shown on the series. Have a look to see whether you agree with some of the wackiest ideas going about the internet!

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Monica was a result of an affair

We can see why people would believe this (but we really hope it isn’t true, Judy and Jack are the dream). Fans of the comedy will know that throughout the series, Monica gets treated completely differently to Ross, some even saying she is like the Black Sheep of the family. From Ross making all the family speeches to Monica’s possessions ruined to protect the Porshe, she is treated unfairly the whole time. Friends theorists have said that Judy’s favoritism is caused by an affair she had years before, something she can’t seem to shake. The shame of the family secrets means Judy treats Monica poorly and Ross with praise as he is the ‘legitimate child’. Please, God, don’t let this be true!

Ross and Monica's parents looking disappointed
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Rachel dreamt the whole thing

This is one theory we could definitely get on board with. As well all know, the show starts with the friends enjoying a cup of coffee in Central Perk, then in comes Rachel, looking all flustered wearing a wedding dress. It doesn’t take long at all before she slots right into the group, something that doesn’t usually happen right away in such a close-knit group. One fan suggests that Rachel dreams that she has a set of cool new friends in New York because she is anxious about the life she is about to have with Barry. This is also fuelled by the image of Rachel wide awake with the rest of the friends soundly sleeping – has she just woke up to realize that it was all a lie. Very very interesting… 

The cast of friends sleeping apart form rachel
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Joey and Phoebe were sleeping together the whole time

Another theory that could very much be true and is very believable. Phoebe and Joey’s friendship is completely different from any other – their closeness seems to be more than platonic. It fits into the story properly – I mean, the whole group of friends are at it with each other at one point, so why not these two? They playfully flirt with each other on the regular and are there for each other more than the other friends (I mean the scene where Joey gives Phoebe a kiss in the ’30’ episode).

We also need to remember that Joey loved Phoebe’s twin sister in the first season – did his love ever end? Was Phoebe the complete package for him? This love story would have been an interesting one, but Mike does seem like a perfect match for the bonkers masseuse – and it would be it incredibly weird how Joey pretended to be Phoebe’s dad if they were having sex with each other?!

Joey and phoebe kissing each other
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Why did they always get that same table in Central Perk?

Again, this is another theory that could in fact be very accurate. Many have said how unrealistic it is that the friends always manage to get the exact same table in a small coffee shop. But one fan theory suggests that the table is reserved by Gunther in order to grab Rachels attention and affections (better luck next time mate). There is also a super crazy theory that FRIENDS was created as one huge Starbucks ad! Some believe that Friends was a 10-year marketing promotion for the coffee chain, with links including Rachel Green – Green is the color of the Starbucks logo! Insane! But, more importantly, it must be extremely false!

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The cast of friends sitting in central perk
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Phoebe hallucinated the whole thing

We all know how unpredictable Phoebe is – you just never know what she is going to say or do. But what could probably the most popular theory of them all is that Phoebe imagined the whole thing! Fans have imagined that Phoebe watched 5 friends enjoy their coffee from outside Central Perk (as we have to remember she was homeless and living on the streets). Phoebe then creates a fantasy whereby she is actually friends with these people as an escape from the dangerous world she lives in.

Although the theory is very extreme, Phoebe is the one friend that never fully fits in or understands what’s going on – she’s a nutter but she hasn’t completely lost her mind! Others have also said that Phoebe is actually on drugs the whole time – her wild reactions and lack of presence could be explained by this, but we do think its highly unlikely! Marta Kauffman has even had to debunk the theory, as it managed to spread like wildfire and millions of Friends fans around the world started to believe it!!!

Phoebe smiling and holding her pig tails
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Ross actually lost custody of Ben

Year after year, Ross gets voted as everyone’s favorite character from Friends. But some people believe there is a darker side to Ross, with many suggesting that Ross actually loses custody over his son. For a couple of seasons in the beginning, Ben has a constant part, but as the show goes on, it seems Ross sees less of his son, as we don’t even see Ben meet his baby-sister onscreen.

Fans have created a theory where they consider reasons for why Ross could have lost custody of Ben – just a few include that he has slept with a student and the famous ‘unagi’ episode where he attacks random women on the street. Because of this, Carol takes full custody of her son as Ross struggles to deem himself as capable of looking after Ben. On that note, Carol’s absence also doesn’t go unnoticed – does Ross hit a point where he struggles to come to terms that he lost his first wife to another woman, she got pregnant, and now he lives on the sidelines as his ex-wife lives happily with his son? Could this be why he acts so erratically and irrationally? Who knows…

Ross and ben playing a prank on Rachel
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All of them were actually in a mental institute

This has to be the most far fetched theory of them all, I mean come on?! Some people believe that Central Perk served a purpose for the friends, and actually the cafe represented a psych ward, where all the characters were in fact suffering from personality disorders! Many super fans have gone as far as to say that the 6 friends remain as only 6 for 10 whole years because they don’t allow other people into the group. That and also the fact that they can’t because it is only them that exist (very weird right). One example people have used is the way they tease one of the friends when they have a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Are they teasing because they don’t want one of their friends to be taken out of the mental hospital? It’s enough to make you not enter a coffee shop again!

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