The Witcher Season 1 Timeline Released By Netflix, Clearing Some Confusion

Geralt with sword in a medieval hall
Credit: Netflix, The Witcher

On The Witcher Netflix Twitter account, a timeline of season 1 was released to try and clear up some of the confusion of storylines and timings in the first season.

Being adapted from the various novels of Andrzej Sapkowski, the Netflix series took some liberties in timing and switched main storylines around to try and show how the destinies of the lead characters were woven together long before they even met one another. Other fans of the show thought the switch-a-roo ruins an otherwise engaging fantasy adventure narrative.

From now until 2021, when the next season of The Witcher comes out, you can read the novels from Amazon here.

Season 1 sets out to introduce the relationship between the three main characters and show the audience their own individual origin stories. Some more than others, we don’t get to see Geralt take the Trial of the Grasses, but we do see some of his earlier monster-hunting adventures. Like the Striga and a Djinn. Yennefer, we see her right from the beginning of her magic training, going to her very own Hogwarts and learning how to control her chaos. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get a pet owl, but instead some eel friends. Which I guess is a good trade-off?

We see the fall of Cintra and how it revolves around Ciri’s destiny and how important she actually is to the Nilfgaard Empire. For them to take a whole city just for one girl, shows how important to the Nilfgaards and to the world Ciri is. And for anyone who has read or even played the games, you will know how powerful and important she is. So, season 1 shows us how Ciri survived on her own with the help of a few friends along the way.

With all these stories intertwining with each other and not being shown in a simple chronological order it can get a bit confusing, so Netflix has shared a picture of the timeline of the first season, which could clear up some confusion. You can check it out below, click or tap the image to see it bigger.

And You Can See The Tweet Below

It becomes clear around episode 4, “Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials” that the storyline is in a different to what you are watching as a viewer. When Geralt aids Ciri’s parents, Duny and Pavetta and invokes the Law of Surprise in a mocking, humorous way, rather than the traditional deceptive means to gain new witcher “ranks”.

Hopefully, this has cleared a few things up for you if you were confused about the timeline of The Witcher season 1, but not worry. Fans who weren’t necessarily… fans of the structure of the first season will be glad to know that Lauren Hissirch, showrunner of the series, has already confirmed season 2’s timelines will be more linear and less confusing. This is due to Geralt, Ciri and Yeneffer’s storylines are all caught up to each other and will be unfolding together.