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Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot Has A New Trailer Out

Vin Diesel drawn in a comic style as Bloodshot
Credit: Valiant Comics, Bloodshot

Earlier today we got a new trailer for Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot and it looks epic. It follows the classic trailer formula – slow motion, explosions, guns and most importantly, an overly accented English person. You can watch the newest trailer below!

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Based on the Valiant Comics titled Bloodshot stars Vin Diesel as a deceased soldier who is brought back to life after losing it in action and given superpower like enhancements. Iron Man must have got his hands on his body because now Diesel’s character has nanites coursing through his body, instantly repairing him whenever he takes damage. From the trailer though, it seems like Diesel’s nanobots are a bit more advanced than Iron Man’s since from the trailer, his bots don’t seem to be depleting as quick. Could Bloodshot suffer from being way overpowered?

Directed by Dave Wilson and also starring Guy Pearce, Sam Heughan, Toby Kebbel and Eiza González the plan for Bloodshot was for it to be the launchpad to kick off a whole new cinematic universe based on the Valliant Comics. Unfortunately, the second movie Harbinger, based on the comic book, has now moved over to Paramount. Unless the two studios work out some deal it’s hard to see a way they can now turn it into a universe now.

Vin Diesel in a comic style drawing as Bloodshot
Credit: Valliant Comics, Bloodshot

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Bloodshot was originally set to come out in February but was pushed back a month later to late March. Back in October, the first trailer for the movie came out and promised all the things you expect a comic book movie starring Vin Diesel to have. Big explosion, slow motion, all the classic action movie troupes with a hint of the unbelievable. That physic bending reality that only comic books can achieve.