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You Season 3 Is Coming!

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Credit: Netflix

Our favorite creepy show is coming back for a third season and we cannot wait! We all know by now that Penn Badgley accidentally let it slip that we will be gifted with another season, but Netflix has confirmed that a new season will be coming in 2021, hurray!

The new series will compromise of 10 episodes again (we wish there was more) and will be bringing back our favorite toxic couple, Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn.  

A screenshot of Netflix Instagram explaining a new series is coming of You
Credit: Netflix

The first season was based on Caroline Kepnes ‘You’ novel, whereas the second season followed Kepnes sequel ‘Hidden Bodies’. The author is currently working on the third installment, so Netflix may have to wait until Kepnes finalizes the third book to wait to see what happens in the new season. There are also rumors that Kepnes has a fourth book planned, great news for You fans who can’t get enough!

You Season 2 was released on Boxing Day but was already rated the fifth most popular series in 2019 – madness! 

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Credit: Netflix

But what can we expect from the new season? Well, we were left with quite a few unanswered questions, so things need to be made very clear. What will happen with the pregnancy? Are Joe and Love about to join forces and become a murderous team? How many victims will he have in Season 3? We just can’t wait!

And we can’t forget the best memes to come from You!

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