Altered Carbon Season 2 Trailer Released

Altered Carbon Season 2
Credit: Netflix, Altered Carbon

Netflix has released the newest trailer for their Netflix Original Series, Altered Carbon: Season 2 and it features Anthony Mackie in a way cooler role than the kind of cringy, Falcon in the MCU.

As mentioned, Anthony Mackie stars in the next season of Altered Carbon. You would have known him most notably from Marvel’s Universe, portraying the winged hero, Falcon. This time he takes on the more sci-fi suit of a Sleeve. And a pretty powerful one at that.

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We find out from the Altered Carbon trailer that Takeshi Kovacs is placed into another new Sleeve that has been manufactured for military purposes. I kind of like this mechanic of the universe from a casting and production standpoint. Every season or maybe two, you can have a whole new actor portraying your hero, with their own acting skills but still having the backstory and motives of the classic Kovacs. But what if everyone loves Mackie so much that they want him to be permanent?

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Kovac’s new Sleeve features Magnetic hands? Or maybe Jedi Powers. Either way, it comes with a whole host of abilities, from accelerated healing to enhanced reaction time, this season is sure to be even actiony-er than the last.

This season will see Kovac travel to Harlen’s World, where he grew up to find Quellcrist Falconer who, we find out in season, Kovac fell in love with when training to become an Envoy.

Altered Carbon releases February 27 on Netflix.