Crazy Movie Theories We Still Can’t Get Over!

Willy Wonka wearing a hat while looking at the camera
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Some of our favorite films aren’t what they seem to be. There are tons of theories out there about movies, but we’ve made a shortlist of some of the most fascinating and crazy ideas!

Harry Potter

This one seems like it could be true (but then it would make us upset that the Wizarding World doesn’t exist). Many fans have suggested that Harry Potter created everything that takes place in his imagination. We see him live in his aunt and uncle’s cupboard for a long time, but many fans believe that this is where he loses his mind. As an escape from the Dursley’s, instead, he imagines he lives in a world of witches and wizards. We don’t know if anyone agrees, but this spoils the franchise for us, especially as it would make sense and J.K Rowling herself hasn’t dismissed the theory. We refuse to believe that Hagrid doesn’t exist!

Harry Potter looking away with glass panels behind him
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A Jordan Peele film that seriously twists your mind! But did we catch onto something that is very obvious? As we reach the end of the film, we realize that Adelaide isn’t actually who we think she is and instead she is a Tethered. But is her son Jason a Tethered from the start of the movie as well? We see Jason creating tunnels on the beach, a nod to the Tethered underground. The end smile he and his mother exchange like they both successfully achieved everything they wanted to. It’s freaked us out – and now we want to rewatch it to see if there are any other clues!

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Mad Max

There has been a lot of confusion about the newest Mad Max film, with Tom Hardy playing the character. The timeline seems confusing, with the original films ending in 1985, with Mad Max played by Mel Gibson. Tom Hardy claims to be Max Max in Fury Road, but how can this be possible when its 30 years down the road? Well, many believe that Hardy actually plays the feral kid who appears in the second installment of the film. This would make sense due to the age and characteristics of Hardy’s character, including the signature grunt we all recognize. We wonder if we will ever get any answers – we need more flashbacks!

Mad Max strapped to the front of a car with a muzzle over his mouth
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Toy Story 3

There are tons of Disney films that many link to a darker meaning (check out some of the craziest conspiracies we’ve seen). But there have recently been some theories regarding the hidden symbolism in the third installment of the popular kid’s film. Many believe that Toy Story 3 actually represents the Holocaust. From the abuse they endure at the daycare to Buzz wanting to hide in the attic, this seems like a nod to all the references we know and understand about the tragic event. The furnace scene seems to complete this theory. People have suggested this depicts what millions of people had to suffer within the concentration camps. We don’t think Toy Story will ever feel the same again and brings a whole different perspective to what the movies can teach everyone.

The cast of Toy Story all looking puzzled
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Home Alone

Now, this theory we think is incredibly cool. One theorist believes that Uncle Frank is behind the robbery on Home Alone. He plots every single detail, from sending Kevin to the attic to cutting the electric out so their alarm clocks fail to go off. This doesn’t seem too far fetched. Uncle Frank has a terrible attitude throughout the whole film. It would also make sense that Kevin would be his chosen target as he seems to really dislike him. The theorist also suggests that his reasoning would be for ransom, as he knows how wealthy his brother is. This leads us to another theory that Kevin’s dad Peter is actually part of the mafia which explains why they seem incredibly rich for such a normal family. Wow, Home Alone has more layers than we first expected.

Uncle Frank carrying pizzas while looking very angry
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We hate to think that our favorite musical isn’t all laughter and fun. But a theory that constantly resurfaces has us believing that it could symbolize our journey to heaven! At the end of the film, we see Danny and Sandy drive off in a red convertible into the clouds as they wave goodbye to everyone. This actually represents the journey into heaven *mind blown*. Even the lyrics in ‘Summer Nights’ suggest that Sandy has passed away, as Danny recounts saving her life because she nearly drowned. But did Sandy actually pass away? Is the musical actually her fantasy after her death of what could have been? It may have ruined one of the most feel-good films to ever exist, be we are on board with this theory!

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Willy Wonka

Possibly the craziest movie theory out of them all, yet somehow we still believe that this could be true! Someone has linked Willy Wonka with The Cabin in the Woods. The theory suggests that Wonka himself sacrifices people, similar to how people are offered to the devil in CITW! In the horror movie, we follow 5 people killed off one by one, with each following a certain archetype. And someone has matched these archetypes with the character in Willy Wonka. For example, Violet would fit the description of an athlete, Mike as the scholar and Charlie would be the virgin sacrifice! It sounds incredibly implausible, yet somehow Wonka’s creepy character matches this idea perfectly. And why is he so apathetic towards the children who are hurt and damaged? Who’d have thought we now think of Willy Wonka as a horror!

Willy wonka stood with his oompa loompas
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Finding Nemo

Nemo didn’t exist. Yes, you read that right, Nemo was made up by Merlin to cope with the loss of his wife. We are devastated, but there is too much proof for us not to believe it. Firstly, Nemo is Latin for ‘no-one’, which in itself is crazy. But some theorists have broken down the stages of grieving and how it links to what Marlin imagines in regards to Nemo. For example, his denial of his wife dying is him creating a situation where Nemo is the last egg to survive a shark attack. A theorist has also matched scenes to anger, bargaining, and despair (parts of the film you will be able to recall and relate yourself). Lastly, acceptance occurs when he lets Nemo go off on his end, which actually symbolizes his acceptance of his wife not living anymore. Are there any other Disney films that someone wants to spoil?!

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