Disney Conspiracies That Have Us Shook!

Tarzan holding Jane's lips while on a tree trunk
Credit: Disney

Throughout the years, we have heard some rumors and speculation about Disney films that have blown our minds! Here is just a few that we cannot get over!

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Inside Out

Anyone who has seen Inside Out will most probably love Bing Bong. It broke our hearts when he sacrificed himself in order to save Joy, but many believe that he isn’t dead. Instead, people have been speculating that Bing Bong is from Monsters, Inc that Riley saw as a child but many thought she was imagining him. In Monsters, Inc, we see the monsters using comedy to gain power, something Bing Bong does regularly as he cheers Riley up. The Pixar world does have many crossovers and Bing Bong’s appearance could fit into the characters of Monsters, Inc. We believe it! 

The characters of Inside Out chatting to each other
Credit: Disney Pixar

Peter Pan

There are many theories that suggest Peter Pan is the angel of death, with Neverland acting as an afterlife! If this is the case, Hook would also be the devil, which would also make perfect sense. The author’s brother died at a very young age, which is where the idea has come from and made everyone speculate that Peter Pan is some sort of angel. The line ‘to die would be an awfully big adventure’ seems to make way more sense now… 

Peter pan standing on a window ledge
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney

There have been so many rumors about this and every time we think it’s genius! Supposedly, Disney created Frozen as a distraction because people believe that Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen. By creating a movie named Frozen, it altered Google’s search algorithm, so when people wanted to confirm whether Walt Disney was, in fact, Frozen, instead the popular movie appeared instead. With Disney being one of the biggest companies in the world (and we all know wealth means power), this could completely make sense. 

The cast of frozen stood in a forest
Credit: Disney


This one seems extremely far-fetched, but at the same time, it still has us intrigued! The theory states that Cars is set in the future where humans no longer exist – in fact they were wiped out by the cars in order for them to live independently! If we look at the Pixar timeline, Cars is set after Wall-E, where it seems a rebirth has taken place. The creative director of Cars has even spoken out about the theory, where he believes the cars took over their advanced AI and adopted the personalities of the people who owned them previously. If this doesn’t change the way you watch Cars, then it hasn’t freaked you out as much as it has us!

The characters of cars smiling at the camera
Credit: Disney

Toy Story

There are scenes in all Disney films that break our hearts, and usually, the first one that comes to our mind is where Jessie explains how she was given up by her owner in Toy Story 2. But this conspiracy has us questioning everything we know! Supposedly, the young girl Emily who gives up Jessie is actually Andy’s mother! People have even spotted that Woody’s hat actually belongs to Jessie’s outfit, but was most probably handed down from Emily to Andy! Is it bad that we now hate Andy’s mother?!

Andy and andy's mother talking in his room
Credit: Disney


This one has had a lot of people talking recently, and we need someone to confirm whether it is true or not because it will break us if it is! There are some dark interpretations of the movie, with one saying Up is a dream (but we can deal with that one). The worst theory is that Carl actually dies in his home. The balloons represent the ascension into heaven and little Russell is actually a guardian angel. If this film wasn’t sad enough, it’s just been made a whole lot worse!

The characters of Up flying in the sky
Credit: Disney Pixar

Snow White

Many of us will have grown up with the idea that there is a ‘Prince Charming’ out there for everyone, but we may be thinking about him all wrong. When Snow White initially meets the prince, she seems scared, with many saying that she knows he embodies Death. Prince Charming goes on to kiss her after she eats the poison apple. If Prince Charming is actually Death, then this kiss is the kiss of afterlife. They also ride off on a white horse – and we all know what that means. Very interesting, but also very morbid!

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Prince charming holding Snow White in his arms
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There are many theories about crossovers within Disney and Pixar, but this one really does feel like it could be true. In Frozen, Anna and Elsa tragically lose their parents in a shipwreck, but many think this is false and the King and Queen don’t die at sea. Instead, the ship is destroyed but they survive and end up washed onshore. As they are unable to get home, they decide to live a new life. They have a baby boy and live in the jungle, but it isn’t long before they are killed. And who’s that little boy – yes Tarzan himself. With Tarzan left to fend for himself, gorillas end up raising him, and the rest is history. If we don’t get a movie where Anna and Elsa meet Tarzan, then we will be seriously annoyed!

Tarzan balancing on a tree trunk
Credit: Disney