Hopper Won’t Be Returning To Season 4 Of Stranger Things!

Hopper looking worried in a shopping mall
Credit: Netflix

We’ve all been wondering what Hopper’s fate will be in the new season. We’ve all been secretly hoping that he didn’t die and somehow survived. We all speculated that Hopper would be the ‘American’, but it looks like we are all about to be set for disappointment!

David Harbour will not be returning, as IMDB’s cast list has confirmed who will appear in the fourth season of our favorite show, Stranger Things. IMDB is commended for its reliability, with the movie site even speaking out. According to IMDB, all of our favorite main characters will be returning, but David Harbour’s time came to an end last year. This confirms that his sacrifice was in fact real and our hearts are broken! This picture couldn’t explain our pain more – we feel you Eleven!

Elven crying while looking away
Credit: Netflix

Could this be a decoy?

Season 4 isn’t hitting Netflix until 2021, so we are hoping the creators change their minds and bring him back. Harbour himself seemed in the dark. With everyone asking the same question of whether he is back for Season 4, the star always seemed clueless. Or was this one big cover-up?!

David Harbour could have been sending us red herrings. As journalists ask him about the fate of Hopper, his usual response is ‘We don’t know’. When journalists dig a little deeper, Harbour has responded by saying ‘They won’t tell me anything, so we’ll have to see. I think you’ll find out at some point, we’ll find out at some point. Let’s hope he’s alive.’ With the main man himself wishing Hopper is alive, could we be wasting our tears for nothing?

Now we don’t want to send people on an emotional rollercoaster and get your hopes up again. But tv and movie sites have been known to keep secrets for certain high profile shows that don’t reveal much until it launches. Game of Thrones is one show that remains confidential until the night it airs. But many platforms such as IMDB remain quiet about what’s to come. This being said, could this mean Hopper will be back for season four?

Check out what else Harbour has been saying – he’s confusing us all!

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