If You Loved ‘The Stranger’, Then Check These Out!

The official stranger poster
Credit: Netflix

There are certain things that the Brits get right, and that is a good crime drama. The Stranger hasn’t long been released, yet many people can’t stop talking about the Netflix Original. So if you loved The Stranger, here’s what we recommend you should give a go next!

Line of Duty 

If this series doesn’t make you feel like a detective, then you are watching it wrong! Line of Duty follows the police anti-corruption unit, where each series sees a new investigation come to the surface. As you watch Line of Duty, you will begin to gall in love with AC-12, as you route for Steve Arnot, Kate Fleming and Ted Hastings (or do you?). The cast has begun filming the sixth series and we cannot wait.

Police officers looking very stern
Credit: BBC


Making politics sexy, Bodyguard tells the story of David Budd (played by Richard Madden). He now works as a Specialist Protection Officer after leaving the army, where is assigned to protect the Home Secretary, Julia Montague. Her politics are everything the bodyguard hates, and he finds himself torn as he has to protect Montague. And things get extra complicated when lust gets involved. A gripping drama that has you questioning everything – and had the whole nation talking! So if you haven’t watched it yet, were you living under a rock?

The bodyguard protecting a woman
Credit: BBC

Happy Valley 

A staged kidnapping gets completely out of control, leading to a number of terrible and brutal crimes. Catherine Cawood is the no-nonsense sergeant who is tasked to deal with the crimes – all while dealing with something no mother should go through at home. Based in West Yorkshire, Happy Valley makes you realise even the quaintest of towns can be full of dangerous people.

Love everything to do with British culture? You might love this then!

The happy valley sisters near a river
Credit: Netflix


DCI John Luther is like no other. He isn’t your regular police detective – he can somehow get into the mind of a murderer, as his brilliant mind can work out what the criminal’s next move will be. Although these are amazing quality, his methods can usually get him into trouble. As Luther doesn’t deal well with authority, most people start to believe he is the problem and not the solution. A fabulous British crime drama that is worth your time purely to watch Idris Elba for hours on end!

Idris Elba standing with his hands in his pocket
Credit: Netflix


A body is found in a derelict building, which leaves many confused as the boy, Jimmy Sullivan, was murdered in 1976. Two detectives are put on the case, as Sullivan leaves a diary with information pointing to four possible suspects, each with a secret they don’t want to be revealed. The crime may be decades old, but the lies and secrets still haunt each individual – but who did it? Unforgotten makes you realise that our history can really define you – and your lies can always catch up to you one day.

A woman and man looking straight into the camera
Credit: BBC

Criminal: UK

Filmed only within the confines of a police interview suite, Criminal focuses on the battle detectives have on their hands when they interview potential suspects. Criminal: UK makes up one of the four countries that complete the cat-and-mouse style drama, with 12 separate stories explained to us. Doctor Who fans will love to see David Tennant playing such a gritty part – and the fact it is based in one room gives it a Broadway feel, amazing!

David tennant looking unimpressed
Credit: Netflix


With the same writers as The Stranger, we are sure that you will love this too. A man’s life is turned upside down when his daughter suddenly goes missing, but not everything is what it appears. Dark secrets begin to unfold, with everyone out for themselves. This is very similar to The Stranger and again has you hooked from start to finish.

A man and his daughter in a forest
Credit: Netflix

And not forgetting Broadchurch and Killing Eve, but we know it is harder to watch as they aren’t on Netflix. But if you get chance, then definitely give those a go too!

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