John Krasinski Still Wounded Over Losing Captain America Role

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We all know by now that the Avenger films are the biggest movies on the planet. But they could have been very different if they cast one particular person – our very own Jim Halbert. Yes, John Krasinski lost the part to Captain America to his friend Chris Evans and it looks like he’s still reeling from it!

In a recent interview, Krasinski made fun of the fact that he lost the part, but all hope wasn’t lost. The actor shot to stardom with The Office US, playing Jim Halbert for nine seasons, as it still remains one of the most popular sitcoms to date. While speaking to Esquire, Krasinski said: ‘I just saw Chris (Evans) a couple of weeks ago and we were still laughing about it. I said “I love that you retired in my role.”‘ Looks like there is no love lost between these two.

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Krasinski vs. Evans

In the interview, Kraskinski goes on to say that people believe because the industry is so competitive, there’s an idea that rivalries happen. As Chris Evans is his friend, this, of course, didn’t happen, as Krasinski says there are no grudges held. But can you imagine Krasinski playing Captain America? We can only dream!

John Krasinksi has dipped his toe into the world of action. We have seen him play Jack Ryan for two amazing seasons. But the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not closed its doors to Krasinski just yet. The actor has recently shown interest in playing Mister Fantastic in a Fantastic Four movie. It seems there may not yet be plans for a new FF film. But the actor has suggested that he would love to chat about an upcoming role.

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Will we see John Krasinski in Fantastic Four?

With this news, many people are calling for Fantastic Four to be rebooted and for Krasinski to play the part he was made for! We’ve seen him transform his shape for Jack Ryan, so his physique is already well suited for the role. Everyone would also love for Emily Blunt to play The Invisible Woman. As we have seen their insane chemistry in The Quiet Place, we think it would be brilliant.

All we can say is that we are glad that Krasinksi didn’t land the Captain America part – can you imagine The Office without Jim! But we do hope we see more of him in the future. Krasinski is made to be on our screens, and we think he would be perfect for a superhero role!

If you haven’t seen already, The Office is bringing out a kid’s book and we can’t wait! Check it out here!