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Sex Education Cast
Credit: Netflix

“Sex Education” is on pace to hit 40 million views within the first four weeks of being released.


Sex Education Cast
Credit: Netflix

“Sex Education” recently made a huge cum-back after an extremely popular first series. This well-loved show answers all of the questions we are too scared to ask each other, a humorous yet hard-hitting series that touched on subjects others would not do justice. Shows like “13 Reasons Why” have been criticised for romanticising mental illness, whilst claiming to raise awareness.

The viewers of these shows are often the ones with the biggest question marks over their heads as they continue to grow up in an ever-changing society relying on tv shows and movies to guide them through life rather than reaching out to the support that is around them, and “13 Reasons Why” abused this power, missing out on a huge opportunity to teach impressionable viewers about mental health and how to reach out. This is where “Sex Education” stands out in the industry, having treated all the issues with the respect and sensitivity that they deserve whilst creating a lighthearted series, this is one of the reasons why it has become so popular and received such a buzz around the return of a second season. 

Sex Education Cast
Credit: Netflix Sex Education

The writers approach the issues sensitively, offering just enough advice and support without being forceful and intimidating. “Sex Education” has shown how people bottle up their experiences as victims and through clever scriptwriting demonstrates how telling the people around you, you can get the support networks you need and understand that you are not alone.

Sex Education Cast
Credit: Netflix

 One of the pivotal scenes of the second season was the bus scene. Aimee is a victim of sexual assault on the bus to school but brushes it off as just creepy behavior. Aimee keeps quiet about her experience until breaking the news to friend Maeve, who encourages Aimee to report the incident to the police. The characters in “Sex Education” have all been through different sexual assault experiences and it is at this point where they come together and share their stories, realising they are not alone and are able to relate to and support one another through their recovery. Aimee’s friends arrive at the bus stop to help her take her journey to school, and show the support that the people around you are able to give. The scene became a huge talking point for sexual assault amongst both men and women, with people being able to open up about their own experiences being greeted with love and support across social media. This scene brought together masses of people who had all experienced something similar to what Aimee and her friends had, creating a way to express what they had been through allowing other people to understand a little more about sexual assault, creating talking points and discussions on social media. For this exact reason, it was argued as one of the best scenes of the series.

According to Aimee’s sexual assault in Sex Education was actually based on a real life situation that happened to Laurie Nunn, the screen and play writer of the series.

This series does not use women as the only victims. The male characters all explore their own issues from mental health to discovering relationships, such as Jackson talking to his parents about self harming after Viv intervened and told his mum. The series does not make heroes of just men, but of women also. As we carry on into the 21st century, society is beginning to accept issues surrounding sex and mental health, however, there is still a long way to go and this series explores how everybody is subject to any of the issues we hear about within everyday life. The way all of the characters’ stories interlink with each other shows how everybody has things going on behind closed doors, and no matter how well you know someone, you should always check in with them.

Sex Education Cast
Credit: Netflix

This series has taught us things we would never have understood, using perspective and complex yet relatable characters to express these daily issues that people face whilst growing up. “Sex Education” brings about many controversial issues that do not get spoken about enough and discusses them sensitively allowing characters to explore the issues for themselves, something that viewers are able to relate to.

All of the characters in the show are discovering sex, sexuality and the good and bad that comes with it. But every topic that is explored, from abortion to homosexuality, is met with love and kindness and developing relationships with friends, family, and partners. The love that surrounds this series is heartwarming and makes for happier highs and more empathetic lows.

Sex and what comes with it is an area of life that should be explored, yet so often brings fear especially to young adults who are experiencing changes within their body, both mentally and physically. This series offers advice and lighthearted humor whilst carefully exploring deeper issues that are on every growing teenager’s minds.

“Sex Education” is a Netflix Original series, check out recent news in more Netflix Originals here

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