Netflix Drastically Changing Their Prices?!

The netflix logo overlaid dollar notes
Credit: Netflix

Yes, you read that right. Netflix is changing it’s price plans, with the streaming service testing a new plan for customers to try out. Sound interesting? Well if you mainly view Netflix’s content on a smartphone or tablet, this may be huge for you.

Recent reports have said that Netflix is bringing a new price plan. Users can now watch Netflix on their mobile device or tablet, costing only £2.99 a month! This is a massive saving for people who enjoy binging on their favorite tv show on a smaller device!

Currently, Netflix offers a basic package for £5.99 or a standard package for £8.99 a month. Although this means users can watch Netflix on a number of devices, it also means many are paying extra for a service they don’t use to its full potential. For example, commuters who enjoy their daily dose of Stranger Things may only have the viewing pleasure while on their way to work. This means they can still enjoy all the content they already do, while substantially saving – bonus!

A screenshot of stranger things playing on an apple phone
Credit: Mobile Marketing

Netflix has actually already tested this price plan in Malaysia, Indonesia, and India, and it seemed like a success. Although content is more likely to be consumed on a smartphone device, if Netflix deem the trial to be successful, then there is the potential of the streaming service launching the plan around the world. And it seems like the UK has been the lucky ones to test it out next!

There are some downfalls to the new price package though. For obvious reasons, you will only be able to view content on your mobile. This means it would only work for people who don’t enjoy watching Netflix on a television screen. Not only that but the mobile-only plan also only offers standard definition. The viewing quality won’t be very impressive, especially as most smartphone devices have HD screens.

The cast of sex education facing the stage looking very awkward
Credit: Netflix

This may not bother people, because let’s be real, £3 a month to watch Netflix is a bargain. But people who enjoy a crisp quality may feel disappointed. So for those of you who enjoy the details of Sex Education’s most embarrassing moments, this new price plan might not be for you. But for those of you who love to save their pennies, you are welcome.

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