Netflix Spending Millions At The Oscars, For No Reason

Films that have nominations at this years Oscars
Credit: The Joker, The Irishman, The Marriage Story, 1917, The Two Popes

The biggest news at the moment coming out of the Oscars isn’t the number of nominations Netflix is getting, but the amount they’re spending on their marketing budget for the Oscars. Coming in at around $70 million, that’s a considerable amount to be spending. Could it work though? You would think with that budget they could win over some people voting in the final hours just a few days ago.

Voting has closed. The votes are being counted and so far it seems clear that this will not be Netflix’s year. According to Gold Derby, who compile the predictions of 28 awards handicappers, Netflix could end the night with only two wins. Spending that amount on awards-oriented marketing campaigns and only coming out with two wins, doesn’t seem like a win at all to me.

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This year Netflix has gained 24 nominations at the Oscars! Which is the more than any other media company this 2020. And compared to last year that’s 15 more nominations and eight more than the year before, showing that Netflix is doing something right in that area.

Oscars 2020 poster
Credit: Oscars 2020

One film that Netflix touted as “one of the best films of the decade” is Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman. Nominated for 10 Oscars alone it’s expected to be shut out completely with Mark Harris from Vanity Fair basing their opinions on how films have performs at predictive awards ceremonies leading up to the Oscars.

On the other hand, Oscar voters seemed to love the World War I drama “1917” from Universal, which went through the traditional runs at the theatres. “1917” is the front runner to win the best picture this year. Could this just be backlash from the entertainment industry that is wary of the tech-giant threatening the Hollywood power hierarchies?

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Some longtime academy voters have simply said that Netflix’s marketing campaign has turned them off with Hawk Koch, a producer and former president of the academy, saying “Obviously, there is one company that is spending more than the others, but that’s not going to affect how I will vote — nor do I think it will affect other members,” he went on to say in his memoir about his long career in Hollywood, “There is an awful lot of wasteful money being spent that could be used for making movies rather than trying to win an award.”

Oscar 2020 statuettes
Credit: Oscars 2020

Could that money have been better spent on improving or making a whole new movie or series? Or are they playing the long game? Winning over more and more academy members each year, gaining favour and pulling Netflix out of that dark area people in the industry think Netflix is in. Or, like Koch, could they be just turning them off altogether?

We will have to see on Sunday whether or not it works out. The Oscars start on Sunday at 8e/5p on ABC.

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