Netflix ‘Top 10’ Finally Lands!

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Credit: Netflix

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a decent tv show or movie on Netflix. We’ve all been there, scrolling through the endless amount of content, not knowing where to start. This new feature should hopefully change things! The streaming service this week has rolled out to everyone a Top 10 list, which highlights the most popular content on the platform hurray!

The new feature appears on your homepage and allows you to see what your country is watching and enjoying. This is great for knowing what is trending and what to add to your list for the future. The Top 10 shortlist will be updated every day, with the most popular titles of each day appearing on a user’s Netflix homepage.

A row of Netflix Originals
Credit: Netflix

The Top 10 experiment was successful!

The Top 10 list was first tested in the UK last year, with Mexico soon following. It seems the feature was well-received, as it made it a collective experience to see what the rest of each country was enjoying. Choosing what to watch is also so much easier with the tool as it. The list is made up of both tv shows and movies. Netflix Originals and licensed content both appear on the list. This means the users can seriously get their research on to see what is next to watch!

Each list is also specific to each country, with the algorithm also focusing on your preferred interests. For example, if you are a massive horror fan, in time the algorithm would collect data from around the country letting you know the most popular horrors of the day. Netflix also allows subscribers to see what’s trending for each category by clicking on an individual movie or tv show, which will then take you to the top 10 list is appears on.

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Credit: Netflix

This means users can now join in the conversation about what is popular and trending in the world of streaming. From Friends to Sex Education, you can track what millions of people are binge-watching! With Netflix’s constant success, is this the feature that can really keep it ahead of other competing services, including Disney+? Only time will tell…