Netflix’s New Stranger Things Trailer Reveals a Huge Return

Stranger Things Season 4 Poster
Credit: Netflix, Stranger Things

If you read our article yesterday about our theory on Hopper not returning to Season 4 of Netflix’s Stranger Things, you might have noticed we got it completely wrong. We’ve never been happier to be wrong!

We reported on the casting of IMDb page for Stranger Things and noticed that David Harbour, who plays the lovable Chief Hopper, was missing from the cast list. Like many others, we understood that that could mean Hopper couldn’t be returning after the previous Season. Could that mean IMDb was in on it too?

In the latest teaser trailer, released early Valentine’s day, we saw the return of Hopper with a cool new hairdo. None. Watch the trailer below, to see what all the fuss is about!

This pretty much confirms that Hopper is back, I do see it being a flashback in any way. Could this mean he was teleported or captured at the end of Season 3?

In terms of our predictions, we did cover our backs a little in saying, “Now we don’t want to send people on an emotional rollercoaster and get your hopes up again. But tv and movie sites have been known to keep secrets for certain high profile shows that don’t reveal much until it launches. Game of Thrones is one show that remains confidential until the night it airs. But many platforms such as IMDB remain quiet about what’s to come. This being said, could this mean Hopper will be back for season four?”

Hopper is now bald
Credit: Netflix, Stranger Things

Like mentioned these things have happened before, big publications and websites holding back big information about shows and movies to help the hype and marketing of the upcoming show. Of course, these websites don’t do it out of kindness. This information and breaking news bring in a lot of traffic for those websites. In this day and age of instant media news, leaks happen all the time and can sometimes make or break a show, and for Stranger Things thankfully no one leaked this news.

Stranger Things 4 is set to release in 2021, and yes, David Harbor will be making a return in this season.

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