PremFlix – Could Premier League Matches Be Coming To Netflix?

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Football – the most popular sport on the planet. But accessing the content can be quite a challenge. This could be all about to change. The Premier League is working on launching a Netflix-style digital streaming service where users can purchase live games.

Football or soccer games have long been shown through traditional media services, but the way in which sport is being consumed has changed in recent years. Amazon Prime has recently launched their premier league service where Prime customers can access live games straight to their fire stick.

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And it looks like the Premier League want to revolutionise live football even further. Football fans have a limited amount of choice when I comes to viewing their favourite team. On average, transitional subscription channels cost around £76 a month, an absurd price in comparison to streaming services. PremFlix would offer a cheaper alternative, whereby users won’t have to purchase and view every game in the Premier League.

As we all know, the sporting world is a huge business, with the Premier League earning approximately £3 billion a year from it’s broadcasting rights. PremFlix would increase this dramatically. Not only would it be more accessible because of the predicted price, it would also mean League matches would become available in more countries around the world.

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What we don’t know yet is how PremFlix would fully work. As mentioned previously, Amazon Prime features Premer League matches on their platform. This could be executed perfectly on Netflix, but it seems that the plans are to charge users extra for the viewing pleasure. So does that mean there may be a separate platform for football fans to enjoy? Pricing is also an issue for the service. Does PremFlix work on a one-size-fits-all subscription payment, or can users purchase singular matches at their own accord?

All we know is that the world of Premier League looks very exciting. The thought of Netflix joining forces with one of the biggest sporting events in the world is pretty amazing. But it looks like we might be waiting a while. The Premier League needs to work out the type of platform it needs to build in order to show matches to millions of customers without a glitch. NENT also has exclusive rights for the next six years to show League games in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The service is said to be coming in 2022, but we predict it could be a little longer. PremFlix in 10 years time anyone?

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Credit: Sky Sports

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