Stranger Things Season 4 Could Change Their Episode Count

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Credit: Netflix, Stranger Things

Rumours have been circulating for a while about the next season of Stranger Things. One such rumour has been that there could be new characters arriving in Hawkins and with them a possible additional episode to give context to one of their backstories, or even an existing fan favourite character. An origin episode.

TVLine reported back on October 31 2019, that the show could be looking for four new additions to the cast after the show killing off two major male characters in season 3. Although this is just a rumour and a rep from the show declining to comment on the rumour, it does make sense that they would need to bolster the remaining cast with new members to go into more stories alongside the main cast.

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Stranger Things released in 2016, following four young boys in a small town of Hawkin, Indiana. Set in the 80’s it gave viewers that glimpse into the past of what it was like to be a regular kid playing Dungeons and Dragons in your basement and using your imagination. As we found out, this town wasn’t just a regular town from the ’80s.

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Credit: Netflix, Stranger Things

Creator’s Matt and Ross Duffer have previously refrained from making the show longer. Seasons 1 and 3 only had 8 episodes and season 2 being a little longer with 9 episodes. “The Lost Sister” was an important episode focusing on a story similar to the season’s overarching narrative.

TVLine also reports that they’re hearing a fan favourite may have his/her origin story told in one (or more) of the nine episodes that are rumoured to happen. The character could have their backstory explored over multiple episodes depending on how the season is carried out.

Could this make the series a little too long? Or will it give that all-important backstory to our favourite characters? We will have to wait until later this year when season 4 is rumoured to release on Netflix.