The Best Ever Office Cold Opens!

Dwight wearing a mask looking very mask
Credit: NBC

It may have ended several years ago, but The Office is still one of our favorite shows ever. Some of the best parts of the sitcom occurred in just a few minutes of the show starting. The cold opens really made the show, so we’ve decided to make a list of some of our favorite cold opens that really make us laugh out loud. We miss and love you still…

Michael’s Pyramid Scheme

A glimpse into how ‘away with the fairies’ Michael is. It’s hard to believe Michael is the manager at the Scranton branch, as he struggles to understand basic shapes!

Fire Drill

The scene where it all goes wrong, but it’s a cold open everyone still loves to this day. Dwight just wants to teach everyone a lesson with his Fire Drill. But as we all know, it leads to Stanley having a heart attack and traumatizing the whole office. We’d say its worth it for the comedy gold though.

First Aid Fail

Probably the most famous and popular cold open to appear on any show ever! The brilliance of this scene has and never will be matched and we still love it to this day. And fun fact – one life has actually been saved as the person recalled the rhythm that had to be kept to the Beegee’s song because of this, amazing!

Sensitive Stomachs

The most disgusting and hilarious cold open, the ripple effect that occurs in this cold open really does have us crying. The feelings women have when pregnant are no joke and this scene proves it perfectly.

Michael hits Meredith with his car

Not only an amazing cold open, but this scene could be one of our favorite of Michael’s. His reaction is one thing, but his cold face lies when he tells the rest of the office is really something we can’t stop laughing at. We’ve all been stuck in a lie, but this is another level – and we love it!


We’d be lying if we said this scene didn’t make us want to jump off office furniture and be a bit adventurous with our journey’s to and from places. The Office couldn’t have picked three better characters for this to happen to as well, just Michael’s roll on the sofa is enough to have us laughing!

The DVD Logo

The cold open that EVERYONE can relate to. If you are lucky enough to witness this happening, then please share that joy with everyone.

Asian Jim

Possibly Jim’s most genius prank, with every detail thought about. This cold open really makes you realize the time and effort Jim puts into his pranks – he even lets the actor kiss his wife. And that family portrait – it’s too good!

Jim’s Dead

Season 8 lacked the spice that every other season offered, but what season 8 did give us were some classic cold opens to keep us entertained. When half the gang up sticks to Tallahassee, it’s up to Jim to keep the pranks alive. And we think this is definitely one of his best. We can still never get over how gullible Dwight is after all this time!

What Won’t Stanley Notice?

Throughout the series, Stanley is a mood. We aspire to be Stanley as we grow old, really not caring about anything or anyone. And boy does this cold open give the best insight into how oblivious Stanley is. If you don’t spot Andy with no clothes on, then there are some serious issues.

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Kevin’s Chilli

We can’t help but feel guilty for laughing at this, because we do feel really mean on Kevin. But we also can’t help but cry with laughter at how much we can relate to this. We’ve all been there. You put effort into something but fall at the last hurdle. And this cold open couldn’t express that anymore – we love you so much, Kevin!

Toby Returns From Costa Rica

We, of course, know that Michael and Toby have a very turbulent relationship, and this cold open couldn’t show it more. We can’t help but laugh at how Michael reacts to Toby coming back to Dunder Mifflin – and sometimes we don’t blame him! Does he want to bore us anymore with the Scranton Strangler story?!

Jim Impersonates Dwight

The last of Jim’s pranks and most people’s favorite. We must admit, Jim’s impression couldn’t be closer to the truth. It gives us the best insight into their wild friendship, as we now want this kind of relationship with our colleagues! We are not forgetting the cold opens that didn’t make the cut – morse code, the vending machine, and Jim’s mint experiment.

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