The Netflix & Amazon Prime Trick To Cut Costs!

Credit: Netflix, Amazon Prime

Instead of deciding which streaming service to use, most of us spend quite a reasonable amount on paying for both Netflix and Amazon Prime. And that’s not including all the other streaming services that are accessible for a fee. But there is a way to reduce your monthly subscriptions to both platforms…

Both Prime Video and Netflix are constantly competing, with a plethora of both tv-series and movies on both platforms. This means we have so much choice it makes our heads explode! For most streaming services, you are looking to pay around £10/$10, which isn’t bad considering what they offer. But it’s big money when you have to pay for a number of these services.

A screenshot of what Amazon Prime offers
Credit: Amazon Prime

The Prime Video Trick!

What people don’t know is that there is a trick to reduce costs without having to lose any of the content we all enjoy and love. Amazon offers a service called Amazon Household which allows Prime users to share the benefits of everything prime offers to another adult. This means this chosen person can access content on Prime Video, while also enjoying the benefits of same-day/ free delivery, books, magazines, the lot!

This means that the price of Amazon Prime can be halved with someone else without having to scrimp on the content you enjoy! By sharing a subscription you aren’t overpaying for Amazon, especially as the service doesn’t allow more than one user to use it at the same time. By heading over to Amazon Household, you can add another adult to the package so that two people can enjoy all the benefits of Prime for half the price.

The netflix logo highlighting the films and tv series on offer
Credit: Netflix

The Netflix Trick!

And there’s a trick for Netflix too which has only recently been brought out. Only a certain amount of people can use this trick, but soon Netflix will be rolling it out to everyone, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Netflix is offering some people the chance to cut fees by paying upfront rather than paying on a monthly basis. This means users get a 50% discount for paying for a 12-month subscription upfront. If users don’t want to tie themselves down for a full year, there are also reductions for other bundles. For example, Netflix is offering 20% off for three months, or 30% for 6 months. Amazing!

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Netflix stated that they believe that ‘members may value the flexibility that comes from being able to pay for a few months at once’. This should soon be rolling out, so keep an eye out for an email stating the instructions on how to save money (but beware of them sneaky spam emails that circulate a lot).

So if you have Netflix or Prime Video, it’s worth doing your research and seeing what deals they are offering! And don’t forget that you can pay for your Netflix subscription with gift cards, with many suppliers offering money off. So if you aren’t lucky enough to be included in the bulk test, then try the gift card trick for now! Happy hunting everyone!

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