The Office Characters Were In Super Bowl Adverts

Characters from the office on posters
Credit: Hyundai & Little Caesars & FOX

The Super Bowl happened. Apparently a team won, and people were happy? But we don’t really care about that! What were the adverts?

The best part of my Super Bowl was watching the adverts and seeing my favourite Office characters pop up in the most random places. Some more random than others. One of the less random appearances was John Krasinski, in the sequel to his directorial debut in 2018.

This year Krasinski is looking to carry on the story of A Quiet Place, looking at the further events that happen to his family after the first film. In the trailer, they talk about people needing help and saving meaning we could see new characters being added to the roster of already great actors. Flashbacks seem to be hinted at. Maybe we will see how the whole story evolved from the beginning with flashbacks with John’s character. Also getting a further look at the monsters that stalk the poor survivors. Of course, some of these survivors are just children so I doubt we’ll see many challenges for the monster from them, but hopefully, some other characters will fight back against them and we will see some really badass characters.

Here’s a look at the trailer below:

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Krasinski got multiple appearances at the Super Bowl with this next, more light-hearted trailer for Hyundai. It features Krasinski, Chris Evans and Rachel Dratch as they, in my mind, awkwardly stare at two guys in their car trying to back into a car space. I don’t know about you but if I was one of those two guys, I’d be telling them to stop staring! Why so rude? The trailer is an advert for Hyundai’s new Sonata which has their Smart Park. Or as they call it, “Smaht Pahk”.

You can watch the trailer below:

What do you think is the best thing since sliced bread? Well, don’t tell Rainn Wilson. In this trailer for Little Caesars, we see Wilson the CEO of the Sliced Bread Headquarters, which I don’t think is actually a real company… Wilson plays the role perfectly, he must be channelling some of his paranoid Dwight from his Office days. I just want to know why anyone would need magnetic bread. And where can I get some of my own?

Watch the trailer below:

FOX is telling everyone, this year, to take take the following Monday after Super Bowl Sunday off. I wouldn’t call this a trailer or an advert or even a Super Bowl advert because this came out about 2 weeks before the Super Bowl, but it’s got Paul Lieberstein in it so why not. This video is promoting a competition they are tunning and that you can enter for $10,000 if you take Super Monday off. We see Paul Liberstein bring back his classic role of Toby Flenderson. The awkward, mystery-thriller novel writing, thigh touching, Costa Rica going, HR doing, Scranton Strangler jailing, moustache growing Toby Flenderson. Again he’s trying to stop everyone from having fun when Saturday Night Live alum, Finesse Mitchel urges people to take the Monday after the Super Bowl off. Just like Michael said way back when “I hate so much about the things you choose to be.”

Watch the video below:

Those were our favourite trailer and adverts from 2020’s Super Bowl Sunday, only because it has our favourite people from The Office in them.

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