The Office Is Still The Champion Of Netflix!

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Top 10 lists have barely been launched on Netflix. Yet it looks like The Office’s impact is still massive seven years after it ended!

This week, Top 10 lists were rolled out to everyone across the globe after originally testing it in the UK. The Top 10 lists highlight what is trending on Netflix on that particular day. The list changes according to how many people are watching a certain tv show or movie. The crazy thing about it all is that The Office has held a firm place in the top 10 – even though the sitcom has just hit its 15th anniversary.

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The Office is the king of Netflix…

You would think that with all the new content released on Netflix that The Office would have been knocked off of everyone’s favorite show to binge on. Despite this, The Office has still remained one of the most popular shows to date. And it seems that Netflix users just can’t get enough!

What’s crazier is that The Office is the only TV show in the Top 10 list that ISN’T a Netflix Original! Currently, every single show (based in the US) has been created by Netflix, from the reality show Love Is Blind to crime drama The Stranger. But The Office has stood the test of time – we love that everyone still enjoys it to this day!

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Why does The Office still remain one of the greats?

Another reason why The Office is still smashing it out the park could be the recent news that The Office will be taken down soon. Netflix has hosted the show for a number of years, but it is time to say goodbye. Netflix users could be re-watching episodes before it sadly leaves the streaming service, peaking the numbers to ensure it remains in the Top 10. 

As we’ve seen in the past, sitcoms like The Office never go out of style. A new wave of viewers has started to enjoy comedies from the past. This has happened with shows like Friends, as users were furious when the show was recently taken off Netflix. And we predict the same is going to happen with The Office. We think it’s our duty to make The Office hit number one in the Netflix Top 10 charts before it is taken down in less than a year. Who’s with us?! 

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