The Office Kid’s Book Is Here – And We Love It!

Our favorite sitcom ended seven years ago, leading us all to mourn/ re-watch it a million times over. Generations to come will thankfully not forget one of the best comedies on the planet, as they have now released a children’s book based on the characters and happenings in the show! Check it out here!

The Office followed the lives of the people who worked at a paper company, specifically the Dunder Mifflin branch. For nine years we enjoyed the highs and lows, makeups and breakups. What were they all like as kids though? Well, The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary gives us an insight into it all! Forget about it being a kid’s book, this is what we all want!

Michael asking if someone can explain something to him like he is five
Credit: NBC

What happens in the book?

The book follows Michael as an infant who wants to be the ‘World’s Best Line Leader’ (we see what they did there). Closely following the sitcom, Dwight features as the Assistant to the Line Leader. It also features all of our other favorite characters including Jim, and some of out not so favorite (sorry Toby). 

The book gives a massive nod to the show, as the US version of the office is essentially transformed on to paper. The suggested age range is 4-8, but we couldn’t disagree anymore! The official description highlights that the book includes all our fan-favorite characters, ‘with hilarious references to the acclaimed TV show’. The description goes on to tell us that The Office: A Day at Dundee Mifflin Elementary is an appropriate way for everyone to enjoy it with the family, and we couldn’t agree more!

A cartoon version of jim and michael from the office
Credit: Little, Brown Books

The Office: A Day at Dundee Mifflin Elementary comes on the 15th anniversary of when the sitcom started. The book is filled with lots of easter eggs. Keep your eyes peeled for them, including the most prestigious award known to man, the Dundee Award.

Where can I buy the book?

The book won’t be available until October 6th, but Amazon is already letting you pre-order the book, so no need to worry.  The Office: A Day at Dundee Mifflin Elementary has already hit number 1 in the Amazon charts for Children’s School Issues. That’s without anyone getting the chance to read it – amazing! All we know is that we can’t wait to read the child’s version of The Office!

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