The WORST Netflix Movies According To Rotten Tomatoes!

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We all love a good film on Netflix every once in a while, but some critics believe that certain movies should be avoided! It’s hard to think that Netflix gets it wrong, but sometimes they really do! Here’s a list of the worst Netflix movies according to Rotten Tomatoes!

Sextuplets – Rotten Tomatoes Score: 14%

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Marlon Wayans has been part of some of our favorite comedies, including White Chicks in which everyone seems to love to this day. But Sextuplets didn’t manage to capture our sense of humor and failed to impress. A film about a man who finds out he has estranged siblings, so he sets out to learn who they are, while on the way learning who he is as well. Critics felt that the movie lacked any humor whatsoever, and Sextuplets actually felt mean-spirited. It was also suggested that the film shouldn’t have even been made at all! Harsh, yet we do see their point…

The Last Summer – Rotten Tomatoes Score: 17%

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We have to agree, we also felt this film was disappointing. The Last Summer follows a group of teenagers as they try to make their last summer before they head off special, with the typical teenage insecurities that everyone goes through. The ‘romantic comedy’ did seem to last and laughs or chemistry, as critics also felt there was no originality. Many teen movies include that transitionary period from teen to adulthood, but this film can be missed.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby – Rotten Tomatoes Score: 25%

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It’s hard to get a holiday film right, with many cases of Christmas films especially flopping, and it seems A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby has fallen victim to this. The Hallmark-style movie, the third installment of the series, failed to impress initial viewers. Critics felt that the charm had gone whereas the previous two carried more charm. So not only are holiday films and to crack, but sequels are too. What a shame. 

Rim Of The World – Rotten Tomatoes Score: 25%

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This one we enjoyed, but Rotten Tomatoes would very much disagree. Set at a summer camp, four kids have to save the planet from an alien invasion as a key falls into their hands. The film has been created for a young audience but can be enjoyed by all ages. This being said, critics suggested that the plot felt lazy and lacked any form of entertainment. Although many viewers enjoyed it, it seems critics felt otherwise!

Otherhood – Rotten Tomatoes Score: 26%

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Otherhood follows three mothers who take Mother’s Day as their own after their adult children seem to completely forget about them. They decide to head to the big apple to reunite with their kids, but not everything goes as planned. Critics felt the script had no vision, and even with the star power it has (including Felicity Huffman and Angela Bassett), it still lacked any real laughs, with one critic suggesting that the audience feel ‘secondhand embarrassment’. Wow, not a fan then!

Secret Obsession – Rotten Tomatoes Score: 31%

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So many people were excited for this film to arrive. Millennials couldn’t wait to see London Tipton in her very own film, but it looks like all the anticipation meant Netflix was bound to disappoint. A thriller about a woman who wakes up after an accident, losing all her memories, but not to worry as her husband is there to look after her. Or is it her husband? Critics felt the plotline was extremely predictable, with some even describing it as ‘trashy’. Ouch.

IO – Rotten Tomatoes Score: 31%

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A film about the last people left on the planet after a global crisis. The film had all the ingredients to make a smash blockbuster, but it seems Rotten Tomatoes disagreed. Instead, critics felt there was a weak script with a slow and boring pace. Many people also felt the romance felt extremely forced. Better luck next time with this one Netflix. 

The Silence – Rotten Tomatoes Score: 32%

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Critics felt this film was charmless and wasted the talents of the cast, with huge stars including Stanley Tucci and Kiernan Shipka. The story follows a family trying to remain safe and alive as the world has been overrun with creatures that use sound to track their prey. Many believe the film lacked creativity (A Quiet Place anyone?) but we still enjoyed it. Sometimes it’s to the creatures we should be afraid of… 

6 Underground – Rotten Tomatoes Score: 34%

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Credit: Netflix

We are shocked to see this one on the list if we are honest! It seems like critics didn’t love this high impact action, but fans raved about it! The Michael Bay film was ripped apart by critics, as apparently the film’s action sequences were dull and there was an ‘incoherent plot’. We, on the other hand, thought this film about a group of heroes coming together, who are known to be dead, was high action and kept our attention throughout. Either that or two full hours of Ryan Reynolds is bound to do the trick!

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