AJ and The Queen Cancelled

Credit: Netflix

If your a fan of the sassy queen herself RuPaul then you’ve probably watched her first venture into a narrative lead show ‘AJ and The Queen’. Well, it’s a sad day because Netflix has canceled the RuPaul-led comedy series after just one season.

The Netflix original follows Robert Lee (aka “Ruby Red”), whose dreams of opening his own drag club were destroyed when his criminal boyfriend (played by Josh Segarra) ran off with his life savings. In order to leave his old life behind Robert goes on a cross country road trip unaware of the grifter named AJ (played by Izzy G) who’s hiding away in his camper van.

Credit: Netflix

But sadly today RuPaul announced on twitter that the show has come to an end after a brilliant 10-episode season.

This isn’t the first time Netflix has canceled a show before its come to a natural end – Last summer Santa Clarita Diet was canceled without warning after a very successful third season. But with Drag Race being in the Netflix Top 10 every week it’s a shock that they’d axe a show with such a large fan base so quickly.

Credit: Netflix

For RuPaul fans, the news of the cancelation comes with great sadness since the show featured a number of appearances from nearly two dozen ex RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants. But don’t worry, you can watch brand new Drag Race on Netflix every week!