Amazon Prime Video FINALLY Gets This Feature!

The prime video logo
Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Netflix has had it for years. Disney+, fresh out the womb, has managed to give us this feature. And finally, Amazon Prime Video has decided to bring us what we’ve all been wanting. It’s been years in the making, but the streaming service will now have profiles on its platform!

Prime users have been requesting this convenient feature for quite some time now. This means you will now be able to create profiles for each person that uses the services. Family or friends can now stream from one account without getting confused about what film or series you are currently watching.

A screenshot of the new profiles brought to amazon prime video
Credit: XDA Developers

Why is this such a good thing?

While to many people this may just be a simple addition to the service, to others, profiles are extremely important. User profiles will also ensure recommendations aren’t tampered with. If one person enjoys comedy while another loves horror, it can cause major issues. But profiles should resolve this – hurray!

For each paying account, 6 profiles can be created, meaning each household should be satisfied as each individual should be able to create their very own profile. If you do own Amazon Prime Video, you should know that although 6 profiles are available, only three devices can stream at the same time. So bad luck for people who feel the need to binge-watch a tv series all at once!

A number of Netflix profiles with different characters
Credit: Netflix

It’s come at the best time as well!

This comes at a perfect time while more of us than ever will be sat at home, trying to occupy ourselves. The feature is currently being rolled out to select countries, but from our understanding, it won’t be long until the feature is added worldwide. For users wondering if they can access the new feature, a message should pop up when they log on to Amazon Prime Video. This should offer the user the new option to get creating them profiles.

We hope Amazon Prime Video profiles will soon allow us to choose our own cool avatar, similar to Netflix and Disney+. We’re already thinking of what ours will be – is Jack Ryan too egotistical?!

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