Apocalyptic Movies To Reassure Us All!

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It seems like no one can get enough of apocalyptic films recently, most probably because we are living in a disaster movie ourselves. We thought we would create a list of end of the world movies to binge on now. But please don’t scare yourselves – we will get through this and hopefully come out stronger than ever. The following films include aliens, natural disasters and pandemics – but most thankfully have some sort of positive ending. Thank God!

I Am Legend

One of the first films everyone has jumped to watch with the recent outbreak of Covid-19. Will Smith himself has even spoke out, with I Am Legend highlighting the severity of a pandemic. The film is shot three years after a plague kills most humans, turning them into zombie-like characters. Robert (played by Will Smith) is immune to the virus, living in an eerie New York City. He alone must try and find a cure to save what’s left of mankind. 

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This Is The End

A much more light hearted approach to a disaster movie, 6 celebrities are trapped in James Franco’s house due to catastrophic events destroying the world. They must join forces to survive the biblical apocalypse. This Is The End is great to watch if you are in need of a comedic spin on something pretty frightening. If you are a fan of Jonah Hill or Seth Rogen, then this is perfect. 

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The World’s End

Another apocalyptic comedy, starring the amazing pairing Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Five friends reunite to attempt a pub crawl that they could never achieve in their youth. While drinking themselves into oblivion, they realise that reaching the last pub on the list is the least of their worries, as unusual happenings start to unravel. Pegg and Frost also star in Shaun of the Dead, another movie that fits this genre. 

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The Day After Tomorrow

Not only have people been enjoying films regarding diseases, but natural disasters have been a big hit in recent weeks (think we all need to stop torturing ourselves!). Starring Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal, the world’s population is in danger as a new ice age is ready to occur. With the father and son separated, they both must try to survive. From tsunami waves to temperatures that could instantly perish them, they will do anything to see each other one last time. 

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Conspiracy theorists will love this movie, especially with the ideas that have been flying bout regarding the coronavirus (e.g. the date of the purge). A professor finds a list of numbers, which at first may seem unrelated, but he manages to link them to disasters that have happened in the past. Some numbers indicate catastrophes that will happen in the future, with the number of deaths also on the list. Is there anything he can do, or is the power completely out of his hands?

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War Of The Worlds 

Ray must protect his kids, Robbie and Rachel, as Earth is invaded by alien tripods that surface from the ground. Strange lightning storms trigger robotic spaceships, as alien invasion occurs. With humans trying to find refuge, putting everyone’s life on the life, Ray must defend his family and fight against the alien species trying to eradicate life on earth. This classic was revamped in 2005, starring Tom Cruise, as it still remains a popular sci-fi movie. 

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The Happening

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, The Happening follows a small family trying to understand and survive a plague which causes people to commit suicide. Nature fights back as it infects people in the most peculiar way by changing people’s behaviour. With no understanding of how this behaviour is triggered, everyone is running from something with no source – so where do you go from there? Many people criticised this movie, but The Happening seems seems relevant to the current situation as people feel clueless. 

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How It Ends 

A Netflix Original this time, as chaos consumes everything. One man tries to return to his pregnant fiancée, as the worlds plummets into an apocalypse, with disasters such as earthquakes killing society. Avoid this film if you enjoy action/thriller movies that don’t offer you an answer. How It Ends? We will never know!

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A film that has actually landed itself in the top 10 charts in recent weeks (we seriously do love to torture ourselves don’t we). People are even calling for the film to be renames Coronavirus! The movie follows a plot line similar to the situation we are living in right now. Everyday people find themselves living in a pandemic as they work to find a cure. Starring huge stars including Matt Damon and Kate Winslet, if you fancy watching a drama that can also be viewed just by looking outside, then this one is for you. 

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And these aren’t the only films that you could watch. The popular Netflix movie Birdbox or John Krasinksi’s A Quiet Place have a similar plot line. But we sincerely hope that our future doesn’t hold a silent, blind life! We do wish everyone stays safe though in these crazy times.

If you need a comedy to cheer you up, then these movies would be perfect!