Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 UK Premier Date Confirmed

Two police officers showing their badge
Credit: NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 has been out in the US since the beginning of February and now we have a confirmed date for when the show will be arriving in the UK.

In case you need a refresher, here is the official trailer for the season:

Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The show will be hitting UK screens again on Thursday March 26th at 9PM. The season will premier with the episode titled ‘Manhunter’ on E4.

Charles Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

And if you are one of the unlucky ones that has had to wait for the season then fortunately you are in for a treat! Whilst there is no Halloween Heist, there is the return of the Jimmy Jabs. You can see our coverage on the episode here.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about Season 7, Terry Crews had this to say “Andre Braugher is an officer, he’s not a captain. I am the lieutenant, I am in his office. It’s so bizarre, I still don’t feel like it’s mine,”. Safe to say there has been A LOT of change, but it is still the same show we loved when it started in 2013.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 premiers in the UK on Thursday March 26th at 9PM.

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