Call of Duty Fans Angry Over Virtual Pet

Call of Duty and Tomogunchi item
Credit: Activision, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Everyone has a Battle Royale game mode in their game now, whether it be for better or worse, you can guarantee every developer is thinking of how to put the game mode into their game in the future.

One franchise that shook the foundations of BR’s was Call of Duty, with their Blackout game mode that released with Black Op’s 4 in 2018. But player soon realised that the game mode couldn’t keep up with the Fortnite’s and PUBG and quickly became stale. The Warzone game mode has been rumoured to drop in-game soon, with no official announcement from Infinity Ward.

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The most recent development has got fans annoyed with the developer as they again bypass the announcement or even acknowledgement of any new Battle Royale game mode existing. Instead, Call of Duty has chosen to release a trailer that shows off their brand-new, full-featured, shiny… Virtual pets?

Earlier this week, Call of Duty announced on Twitter that they would be released virtual pets called Tomogunchis. The Tomgunchis are available right now in the in-game store. If you’re confused about the name, Tamogunchi, it’s a play on the real-world toy Tamagotchi. Worn on the player’s wrist, you will have to care for your pet, feed and entertain it to keep it alive. You can also level up your pet by killing enemies and completing mission objectives in multiplayer modes.

Credit: Activision, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Due to the recent news that Activision would be taking legal action against Reddit leakers, it seemed like Warzone was just around to corner. Reddit users posting some leaks on the new game mode to the website, and Activision has demanded that Reddit give those users information so they can take appropriate action. With such drastic measures against the leakers, fans believed that they wanted to set an example for future leaks and that they didn’t want their hard work keeping it under wraps and developing the game mode to go to waste. From a publisher standpoint, you would want to biggest reveal possible, from out of nowhere. Leaks prevent that.

But in the meantime, most fans of the FPS are disappointed with the newest addition to the game. Some like to keep track of stats and play with virtual pets but, it seems hard to think that you would buy a Call of Duty game to take care of a pet. Fans ultimately want that new game mode with interesting mechanics that can rub shoulders with the big boys of the BR scene, not a cosmetic item that could die if you don’t play well.