Courtney Cox Binges Friends While In Quarantine

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Credit: NBC, Friends

Courtney Cox seems to be getting brushed up on her Friends trivia ready for the HBO Max reboot of the popular show, first aired in the 90’s.

While in quarantine Courtney Cox has said she has binged all the episodes of the show, admitting that she doesn’t actually remember that much. You can watch the interview down below.

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Speaking with Jimmy Kimmel she admitted she has forgotten much of what happened in the show and doesn’t remember that many details from the show. If there was ever a time to binge anything, its now. With mostly everyone around the world quarantining themselves, many are looking to find ways to pass their time. One way is to take advantage of the many streaming services out there.

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Credit: NBC, Friends

This does have a draw back though as many platforms are dialing back their services a touch. Netflix, YouTube, Apple, Disney, Facebook, HBO and many more have agrees to limit the quality in Europe so far, could this spread to the United States?

Courtney Cox spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about the binge stretch saying, “People love the show so much, I decided to binge-watch Friends,” Cox said. “I just started season one, it’s really good.”

You can watch the full interview here over on Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube channel:

No longer being on Netflix meant that she had to look elsewhere for the show, she went to Amazon Prime Video. With it returning with a reunion episode – or multiple – fans can see it coming to HBO soon. No word on when though, as Cox said the cast were meant to be meeting earlier this week to film the reunion. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak that filming has been put on hold.

With HBO announcing the Friends reunion coming to HBO Max in May, you can expect there to another announcement, announcing the announcement of the show being pushed back a little further. Although that’s not for sure yet as HBO haven’t spoken on the subject since. It could still be coming in May.