Footballers Play Cancelled Match On FIFA Instead

Poster for FIFA 2020
Credit: EA, FIFA 2020

More and more events are getting cancelled and Spanish football isn’t immune… Or is it?

Last Sunday the Spanish teams Real Betis and Sevilla were supposed to play each other in real life, but due to the Covid-19 virus, La Liga put its teams on lockdown. That didn’t stop either team from having a friendly bit of competition anyway.

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According to Eurogamer, the two members from each side chose a footballer to play in the football game, FIFA 20. Sevilla chose defender Sergio Reguilon, and Betis picked striker Borja Iglesias. The reason they thought it important to carry the match on, is because it was a derby match, with both teams being from Seville. The best part about all this is that the match was streamed on Twitch for the world to see, with a staggering 60,000 people watching the match live.

This is what Iglesias tweeted out onto his Twitter to promote the match:

Ultimately the game ended with a 6-5 finish with Betis winning. The biggest coincidence of all was that the winning goal was scored in the game by Iglesias playing as himself.

And a small highlight of the stream has been posted to Twitter.

If you want to watch the full match, you can click here.