Jim & Pam Were Meant To Split Up?!

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Yes, a revelation none of us want to hear. But our favorite tv couple was intended to have a very different storyline. As we have reported this week, Andy Greene’s book has exposed so many things we didn’t know about The Office. As time goes on, more secrets have been exposed surrounding the mockumentary. And this is another shocking revelation!

Many fans of the show dislike Season 9 for a number of reasons. Of course, Michael Scott’s absence is felt massively in the latter seasons of The Office. But in Season 9 in particular, fans really dislike the journey Jim and Pam are sent on. What seems like the perfect relationship turns slightly sour. Jim takes a job opportunity with Athlead, leaving Pam struggling back home. This leads to the storyline everyone despises – Brian the sound guy. But his role on the show was actually meant for the two to break up completely. We are furious about this!

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Why did they think it was a good idea?

Andy Greene’s book ‘The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s‘ tells us that it was actually John Krasinski’s idea to shake things up a bit, as he felt that no marriage was perfect. The book highlights how the cast was asked to pitch ideas. Krasinki said that ‘It would be really interesting to see how that split will affect two people that you know so well’.

The idea was to split Jim and Pam up in Season 9, for them to be brought back together in the reunion episode, rekindling their relationship. This is similar to how Rachel and Ross’s relationship panned out in the last season of Friends. The writers really wanted to push the boundaries with this, which is why Brian is introduced. Not only was Brian presented to remind viewers that the show was a mockumentary, but the storyline was also intended for Brian and Jim to have a fling. Creators wanted to worry the audience and add suspense to the show, therefore Brian was perfect in achieving this. Because fans did not respond well to this twist, the writers of the show had to completely redo the storyline in the middle of Season 9. Instead, they produced a much happier ending for Jim and Pam.

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Does anyone notice the sudden shift in Season 9?

This is why superfans of The Office will notice the storyline suddenly break off. Brian suddenly becomes an integral part of the show for a number of episodes. But that soon changed when people started to notice fans disliked their potential divorce storyline. Even John Krasinski changed his mind. In the book, it states that Krasinski felt ultra fans were left watching the last season. This fan base felt it was too painful to watch Jim and Pam split up. Instead, the actor felt they should get back together immediately because their relationship was beautiful.

Episodes, where Jim and Pam had a much rockier patch, were already shot but had to be quickly re-edited in order to not infuriate fans. After the Vandalism episode, where Brian saves Pam from the warehouse guy, the show had to take a different direction and reconcile the couple. The book highlights that this type of storyline was actually going to be introduced in Season 5. Thankfully, writers felt it may be too early. Season 9 was also too early guys, these two are meant for each other.

Thankfully the show took a complete u-turn and decided it was not suitable to break Jim and Pam up. Fans were in need of some love after Brian was introduced, bringest us one of the sweetest moments of the entire series. The teapot letter was brought back to us at the end of Season 9, with millions of fans grateful that one of the most iconic relationships on TV made it till the end. We for one are glad that the creators finally decided against breaking Jim and Pam up. As the cool kids say, they are GOALS!

For all the details on this and more (including Steve Carell’s departure), then check out Andy Greene’s latest book on the show. It’s so good!