John Krasinski And Steve Carell Reunite!

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Credit: YouTube

Something we all wanted and needed but didn’t expect. The world is feeling glum while staying at home due to the coronavirus. This is where John Krasinski has saved the day and somehow managed to excite Office fans everywhere. Krasinski has launched a YouTube channel named Some Good News, and surprised us all by featuring Steve Carell! They talk about all things to do with The Office and we feel like our hearts are going to explode!

To celebrate The Office’s 15th anniversary, Krasinski felt like it would be perfect to bring Carell onto his YouTube series. The actors reunited on ‘Some Good News’ not only to mark the occasion but in an attempt to focus on positive news while we all live in a pandemic. Krasinski and Carell chat via a video link, reminiscing about some of our favorite scenes on The Office.

Some Good News. More like The Best News Ever!

As you can see from the video above, the chat starts in true Carell form as his wife Nancy looks to be helping him use the technology! The two immediately start talking about The Office, with Krasinski going on to talk about how little faith he had in the show at first. Little did they know that 15 years on, the mockumentary still remains a fan favorite!

The first episode we are so glad the two talk about is Dinner Party. Not only is the episode known for being both hilarious and cringeworthy, but fans of the show will most probably have seen the outtakes. The pair reminisce about how unbelievably funny it was to film the plasma screen scene, even showing a clip of the two losing it while attempting to shoot it. This just reminds us how we miss seeing these two on our screens!

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Their top moments from the show…

Krasinski and Carell go on to chat about their favorite memories from the show, with Carell saying his best moments were the things they shared as a cast. Not only that, but he goes on to say how the cast rooted for each other. Awwww, how sweet! On the video link, the two actors also discuss other notable episodes that we all love, including Fun Run and Goodbye, Michael. When Michael Scott left in Season 7, the world was heartbroken to see him leave. But these two seemed to struggle more than anyone, as they recall how emotional it was filming Michael’s last scenes.

Their conversation ends on an incredibly positive note as there are discussions of a reunion hopefully in the future, with Krasinski announcing how much he misses Steve Carell. Of course, there had to be a joke made by the two. Carell tells Krasinski to ‘Say hi to Emily’ (Krasinski’s wife). Krasinski replies ‘Who’s that?’. This interaction alone has certainly made us want a cast reunion more than ever!

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Has this squashed some rumors?

As we reported last week, in Andy Greene’s book ‘The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s‘, it states that Steve Carell didn’t leave the show off his own accord. Instead, it seems that NBC executives decided his time on the show was over. With rumors that there may have been bad blood, this reinstates our faith that a reunion could be on the cards. Krasinski has truly captured the idea of bringing good news to people at this time. We couldn’t think of anything better to cheer us up! Well done guys, you are still making us all laugh 15 years later!