John Krasinski Reacts To That Jim/Pam Note!

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Fans of The Office have always been desperate to know one thing since the show ended seven years ago. And that is what Jim wrote to Pam in the letter from the teapot. It has been kept a secret for so long, and fans have been dying to know the details of the note. Now, we may never know the exact details of the note, but the cast is finally speaking out about it!

A few weeks ago, Jenna Fischer spoke about the note on the Office Ladies podcast, which she shares with friend and co-star Angela Kinsey. In each episode, they revisit an episode, discussing what went on behind the scenes. The first Christmas episode from the show in Season 2 brings us the Teapot scene. But fans will remember that Jim takes the note, only for it to resurface in the final season. Pam is emotional when she reads it, and while we may never know what was written exactly, we finally know the context of the note!

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What’s in the Teapot note?!

On the podcast, Fischer reveals that Executive Producer Greg Daniels told Krasinksi to write a genuine goodbye for her to read for the first time on camera. Fischer even gets choked up talking about it. She recalls the letter, as John Krasinski describes how much she meant to him over the series. Fischer describes the moment as perfect, as that scene now feels even more genuine as we understand what was involved in the note. This tactic was also used in ‘Goodbye, Michael’. Fischer was told to say goodbye to Steve Carrell rather than his character Michael Scott. Seems like Fischer got a taste of her own medicine!

It feels a bit like mental torture knowing how some of our favorite scenes in the sitcom were filmed without knowing the exact details. The romantics in all of us just want to know what John Krasinski wrote in that letter. But with it hitting the headlines in recent weeks, it only seemed fair that he got his own say. And that he did!

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So what does John say?!

In The Office Ladies, Fischer goes on to say that she and John are the only ones to know what was said in the note. We may never know the contents as she continues to explain that she will never say exactly what Krasinski wrote, ‘but just know that it was perfect’. And Krasinksi has now responded in an interview to this!

Krasinksi is pushed to spill the beans while talking about his new film A Quiet Place Part II. While he also doesn’t give much away, the actor says:

Jenna did talk about it, right? Jenna, on her podcast, I thought gave a really good answer. It was enigmatic, and it was powerful, and I got emotional.

It seems that the pair are fine with keeping the details to themselves. And while this frustrates us massively, we also think it’s sweet that they have kept it to themselves. We just love how after all these years The Office is still being kept alive!

And if talks about the Teapot letter wasn’t too much for us to handle, John Krasinski has also recreated his Jim look in a recent interview.

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